Five Guys launches breakfast menu to celebrate opening 100th store in the UK

The new breakfast menu includes an eggs, bacon and cheese sandwich served in a burger bun (Photo: FIVE GUYS)
The new breakfast menu includes an eggs, bacon and cheese sandwich served in a burger bun (Photo: Five Guys)

American fast food chain Five Guys is launching a new breakfast menu as it celebrates opening its 100th branch in the UK.

Early morning eaters will be able to choose from four types of breakfast sandwich from December 9, with prices between £3.45 and £5.95.

To start with, the menu will only be available at four out of the burger chain’s one hundred stores; Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford Circus and its newest branch, St Paul’s in London.

For £3.45 you can buy a little egg sandwich with one egg, or add a layer of melted American cheese for an additional £1.

If you prefer your breakfast bap with meat, try the little bacon and egg for £4.95, which adds rashers of apple wood smoked streaky bacon, and extra servings of cheese can be added for 50p.

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For £3.95 you’ll get a full-size sandwich with two eggs.

The large egg, bacon and cheese sandwich is the most expensive item on the menu at £5.95.

Fries are also available in either Five Guys or Cajun style, and cooked in peanut oil.

Little fries cost £3.25, regular fries are £4.75 and large ones can be bought for £5.50.

Breakfast drink options include Smart Water, Innocent orange juice, tea, latte and Americano coffee.

Five Guys Fries
Five Guys Fries (Photo: Five Guys)

You can order a coffee or latte for £2.55 or an Americano £2.20 - however customers in Bristol won’t be able to order filtered coffee with their meal.

The breakfast menu will be served until 10:30am, and is the perfect morning pick-me-up for the festive party season.

Additionally, to celebrate the opening of its 100th store in the UK, Five Guys will offer complimentary meals for all customers at its brand-new site in London’s St Pauls on December 9.

From 8am - 11pm the branch will serve breakfast, burgers, fries and soda free of charge, and the first 500 customers can pick up some exclusive Five Guys merchandise, including branded hats, umbrellas and jackets.

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