This Fitness Model Tried Will Smith’s Intense Shoulder Workout

Photo credit: Lucy Davis - YouTube
Photo credit: Lucy Davis - YouTube

British fitness influencer Lucy Davis has tried out several of the workouts that some of Hollywood's most famous leading men use to get swole for movies, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Thor star Chris Hemsworth. In her most recent YouTube video, Davis takes on one of the workouts from Will Smith's recent body transformation journey.

Smith has been chronicling his weight loss in the YouTube series Best Shape of My Life, in which he can be seen training for two days on, one day off, while also doing cardio every day. Starting with 30 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill to hit that cardio requirement, Davis then chooses Smith's highly specific shoulder workout.

"I usually do just push [movements], I don't train just shoulders," she says. "They're gonna be swollen... I feel like I'm going to walk away from this and my shoulders are going to be massive, because it's so heavy in terms of the amount of pressing."

The first exercise is 2 sets of 20 dumbbell shoulder press. "I don't think in my entire existence I've ever done 20 reps of shoulder press," she says. This is followed by another round of the same exercise, this time performed for 4 smaller sets of 6, which enables Davis to progressively use heavier weights.

Next up is the barbell shoulder press, which Davis does for 4 sets of 8, and then the behind the neck barbell press, also for 4 sets of 8. Davis admits she's never actually done the behind the neck press, explaining that she tends to avoid it as it can carry a risk of injury due to the positioning. She experiments with just the bar and no weight, but immediately feels uncomfortable. "I'm categorically not going to do that exercise," she says, and does an extra round of shoulder press instead.

This is followed by 4 sets of 8 dumbbell lateral raises, which is much more familiar ground. Davis gets the most out of this exercise by performing each rep with lighter weights, and with a slow and controlled motion rather than swinging her arms, thus eliminating momentum and forcing the muscles to work a little harder. "Drop the weight, drop the ego, drop the load," she says. "Control it, relax yourself."

Then she does 3 sets of 10 to 12 front raises. "I like front raise, I don't do them as often just because of the front head of my shoulder, they're quite overpowering," says Davis. "But they're a really good exercise."

The final exercise is the dumbbell air punch, performed to failure for 4 sets. "I don't really get its purpose," she says. "It's not the exercise for me... You may as well just hold them out to the side, you're going to get the same burning feeling."

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