First trailer for Maggie Smith's new film The Miracle Club

laura linney, maggie smith, the miracle club
First trailer for Maggie Smith's new movieLionsgate

The first trailer for Downton Abbey star Maggie Smith's new movie The Miracle Club has premiered.

The upcoming film follows a group of working-class women in 1960s Ireland who win a church talent competition that takes them to the sacred French town of Lourdes.

The trailer teases an emotional story, with past and present colliding amid the relationships between the women and Laura Linney's younger character Chrissie.

kathy bates, maggie smith, the miracle club

Alongside the aforementioned stars, the movie also packs an impressive wider cast including Midnight in Paris' Kathy Bates and The Stranger's Stephen Rea.

Speaking previously about the project, director Thaddeus O’Sullivan said (via The Guardian): “What really enthralled me about the story is how three strong characters confront one another and then, by embracing truth, they understand that the miracle they have all been looking for is right in front of them – in the strength of their friendships and unshakeable togetherness.

“What we have achieved together is to make an emotional movie that is truly joyous, uplifting and aspirational.”

kathy bates, maggie smith, the miracle club official trailer

He said of working with Smith: “She’s so un-Downton. Although [her] character does have a somewhat prickly and demanding nature… eventually we see a deeply vulnerable, humble and compassionate woman.”

“She has such an actor’s brain," producer Chris Curling added. "The questions she asks, the comments she makes... about the screenplay as a whole and individual scenes got to the heart of the story and the relationship between her and the other two characters. Every day on the set with her was a revelation.”

Smith most recently appeared in the Downton franchise in 2022 movie A New Era, where she made her final appearance as Violet Crawley after playing the role for over a decade.

The Miracle Club is set for release in cinemas on September 29.

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