This First-of-Its-Kind Marshmallow Will Forever Change the Hot Chocolate Game

The marshmallow of the future is here—and it comes in a can.

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What do you get when you cross a marshmallow with whipped cream? Quite possibly the greatest hot chocolate topper to ever exist. And thanks to Kenny B. of the company Sh’mallow, now it does. 

You might have seen marshmallow whipped cream or marshmallow foam in stores or coffee shops before, but this new product is totally different. Why? Because it’s not just marshmallow-flavored—it’s actually real marshmallow in a spray can.

Working in coffee shops, Sh'mallow founder Kenny Baker saw countless beverages go out the door with a whipped cream topping, but admittedly, he was always more of a “marshmallow guy.” 

“I’m a marshmallow fan in general,” Baker shared. “I mean everything from Lucky Charms to Peeps. The cheap stuff, the good stuff, the homemade stuff—anything marshmallow.”

“So, I was like, 'Why can’t you have marshmallow that acts just like whipped cream, that’s super fluffy and super soft? Why not?' And then I found out why not,” he joked. “Because, oh, it’s really hard to do.”

After many rounds of development and trial-and-error, Baker landed on the perfect formula to patent as the world’s first spray can marshmallow—and the family-operated business took off from there.

Meet Sh’mallow: The World’s First Sprayable Marshmallow

Baker took a fun food (marshmallows) and gave it an even more fun design (a spray can) to create an endlessly fun eating experience. Sh’mallow is a first-of-its-kind aerosol marshmallow invention that’s delicious, unique, and the perfect excuse to play with your food, even as an adult.

What sets it apart from a regular whipped cream, aside from the sweet marshmallow flavor, is that it can be toasted (seriously!). You can take a torch right to it and instantly mimic the nostalgic campfire flavor of a backyard marshmallow roast.

“Its texture is like the inside of a toasted marshmallow. So, you have that really light, soft, kind of gooey texture,” he explained. Basically, you get the decadent, silky center of a perfectly toasted marshmallow without having to put in work beside the fire. Plus, you’ll never have to settle for a sad, stale marshmallow again.

Designed to be a drink topper, Sh’mallow is ideal for coffee, hot chocolate, or adult beverages, and actually lasts longer in hot drinks than whipped cream. That's because Sh’mallow is more structurally sound (especially when toasted), and it stays afloat longer on the surface rather than melting into the beverage. So, you can sip your marshmallow and eat it too.

However, customers also love using it for indoor s’mores and dessert toppings. According to Baker, some put it with jello, pies, pancakes, and even on sweet potatoes. It almost acts as a creamy meringue, so you can use it to finish your fruit parfaits or create the easiest-ever strawberry shortcake. With a food this fun, it isn't hard to get creative.

"I love this stuff," commented one fan on Instagram. Another added, “We took it with us camping this week. Huge hit!!! Great product!”

How Sh'mallow Works

Completely shelf-stable, the sprayable 'mallow doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but it performs best, with the stiffest peaks, when cold. It’s gluten- and dairy-free with a base of sugar and cooked egg whites, so opened or unopened, refrigerated or not refrigerated, it lasts a full year.

“It’ll have a whole different texture when it’s been in the fridge for a while—it’ll be five times thicker when it’s cold. But, if you want to take it camping or to a party, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated,”

To use Sh’mallow, shake the can thoroughly, then spray it 90 degrees upside down, directly onto your fluffernutter sandwich, slice of key lime pie, or just a spoon. From there, you can toast it or let it stay soft, squishy, and delightful.

Right now, the spray can sweet is available in stores in Oregon, Washington, and California, but is also available to order online. Bonus: Three-count packs come with a mini torch, making for the perfect unique gift for the foodie in your life. Right now you can buy the original and peppermint flavors, but Baker hinted that more seasonal flavors, like caramel and pumpkin spice, will be hitting the market this time next year.

So, if you’re like Kenny B., and you think marshmallows deserve greater recognition in the dessert world, ask Santa to add some Sh'mallow to your stocking this season.

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