Dream cheating makes a third of people jealous

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One in five of us in the UK argue with our partners about something they did in a dream [Photo: Getty]

Have you ever fallen out with your other half after dreams of infidelity?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then you’re not alone. According to a new survey conducted by Simba, 32 percent of adults in the UK admit to feeling jealous after their other half was unfaithful in a dream.

And it can have a lasting impact on a relationship, as one in five admitted to arguing with their partner as a consequence.

Psychologist Hope Bastine explained, “Dreams about infidelity can often seem so real that we wake up with post dream anger or jealousy.”

38 percent of couples in the UK admit to feeling jealous after dreams of infidelity [Photo: Getty]

Referred to as the ‘dream-eyed monster’, 38 percent of us have woken up angry. While one in ten, admit that they feel sad after dreams of infidelity.

But how can we combat negative sleep patterns?

Bastine advised, “It’s not always possible to eliminate bad dreams, but setting the stage for sleep can help you to snooze more soundly and wake up feeling well-rested.”

She continued: “The more you can create a calming environment before bed, the sweeter the dreams and happier the mood the next day.”

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