Will Ferrell makes surprises appearance at QPR game

Hollywood star Will Ferrell taunted Sunderland fans while appearing at a recent QPR game.

Credit: @QPR Via Twitter

Video transcript

MIKE BISARK: Should we go?


MIKE BISARK: So glad to be here in the W-12 with my lifelong QPR friend and fan, Will Ferrell.

WILL FERRELL: Do you know who that guy is? That's Mike Bisark.


WILL FERRELL: Yes. The Mike Bisark, legendary QPR fan from Laguna Beach, California.

MIKE BISARK: Biggest Club in Laguna Beach, California.

WILL FERRELL: By far, the biggest club in Laguna Beach, California. We're wishing you guys all the best. Sunderland, oh, the tears of sorrow you're going to experience tonight dripping down your face into your mouth, drowning you in sorrow. I can only imagine.