Ferne McCann tearfully apologised for the voice note scandal

Appearing on This Morning, former TOWIE star Fearne McCann appeared tearful and remorseful as she apologised for leaked voice notes that drove a wedge between her and her co-stars on the reality show.

Video transcript

FEARNE MCCANN: It definitely wasn't my finest hour and it definitely was a very difficult time in my life when those voice notes were leaked. But I do-- I need to take this opportunity to publicly apologize again to those affected. Obviously, the words that I used were unpleasant. And I have reached out privately to those people. It's very difficult because I would love to sit here with you guys and with my followers and share exactly what went on, but it's now part of a criminal investigation. So I can't do that.

But what I can say is these voice notes were from a time when I was in a very vulnerable situation and it was a very, very difficult situation for me, 5 to 6 years ago. And I since then have done a lot of work on myself. I've been in therapy for six years and I feel that I am a different person. And even though I can't share my full truth and I know how frustrating that is for people listening.

I know that one day I will get that chance to fully be able to hopefully sit with you guys on the sofa and be 100% transparent. And I know that my story will be able to help a lot of women. But until then, I can't say too much.