Feeling healthy is key to looking good, says Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is determined to remain healthy credit:Bang Showbiz
Elizabeth Hurley is determined to remain healthy credit:Bang Showbiz

Elizabeth Hurley thinks "feeling healthy" is key to looking good.

The 57-year-old actress has revealed that she loves exercising outdoors, admitting that it's great for her "mind and body".

She shared: "The most relaxed I can ever be is if I go out into my yard and do some gardening. When I'm working in the yard, I'm stretching, I'm bending and I find that's good for both my mind and body."

The 'Bedazzled' star isn't much of a gym-goer - but she recommends "getting fresh air" and exercising outdoors.

She told E! News: "When you're feeling healthy, you tend to look healthy."

Liz combines her workout routine with healthy eating. And she credits her health-conscious diet for her youthful-looking features.

She shared: "Your skin is more likely to glow when you're eating well and doing exercise than if you're lying on the couch, watching TV and eating chips. If I put myself in a healthy frame of mind, my hair suddenly looks better, my skin looks better."

The actress also believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has made people more conscious of their health and how they live their lives.

Liz is determined to take care of herself by exercising and eating well.

The Hollywood star said: "In the last few years, we've all been so health-centric.

"We were all very scared of getting COVID ... that it's made us concentrate more on our health. We've realised that we have to put ourselves in the best position that we personally can.

"We have to try and live a healthier lifestyle - move more, do more exercise, eat well, drink less alcohol, go to bed earlier, learn how to relax, learn how to take care of ourselves and our loved ones."