'I feel like I have your old face': YouTube star questions twin about her total transformation after cosmetic surgery

YouTuber Niki DeMartino, left, questions her sister, Gabi DeMartino, about her multiple cosmetic surgeries. (Photo: YouTube)

Niki DeMartino, a 23-year-old YouTube star, recently sat down with her identical twin sister, Gabi, for a YouTube video to question her about why she had felt the need to get multiple cosmetic surgeries that dramatically changed her face.

Since Gabi turned 18, the social media star has gotten lip fillers, porcelain veneers over her teeth, and a nonsurgical nose job. Gabi admitted that when she finally came of age, she thought, “Yes! I finally get to change a face that I hate so much!”

Niki said, “When we were little, I couldn’t even tell which was you and which was me. It was impossible to tell us apart. And now we’re known as the opposite twins.” She asked her sister why she “[hated her] face so much.”

Niki herself has gotten fillers under her eyes, but she said she believes that Gabi has made a “huge transformation” since the sisters first started vlogging in 2012.

I feel like I have your old face. Is it weird looking at me sometimes?” Niki asked. 

A screenshot from a video of Niki and Gabi filmed four years ago. (Photo: YouTube)

Why did Gabi dislike her features so much?

“We grew up with such a beautiful mom who had a very feminine face, beautiful big lips, beautiful tan, beautiful teeth. Mom was a beauty queen, she was [runner-up] Miss New Jersey,” Gabi said. “We grew up seeing that and seeing her pictures, and I’ve always wanted to look like Mom, but we grew up looking like Dad. We had the thin lips, the little teeth, the dipped-down fat nose, pale droopy eyes, bags under [our] eyes.”

Niki and Gabi’s mother, a former Miss New Jersey runner-up. (Photo: YouTube)

Those are all very attractive features on a male,” Gabi added. “I grew up with a male face, and I wanted to look like a girl so bad. And I wanted to feel happy about my face.”

Niki and Gabi as children alongside their father, a dentist, who placed the veneers on Gabi’s teeth. (Photo: YouTube)

If you feel like you’re in prison looking at yourself in a mirror, and if you truly hate something like your nose, if it truly controls your entire day and if all you think about all the time is your nose or the angle people are looking at you, then it’s time to consider maybe you should start saving up so you could be happier,” Gabi said in the video. 

However, she doesn’t want “young, impressionable” viewers to think they need to undergo cosmetic procedures to be happy. “Everyone’s happiness is so different,” she said. “That’s what worked for me.”

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