Fearne Cotton reveals she's more in love with her husband than ever after 10 years together

Fearne Cotton has opened up about her marriage with husband Jesse Wood, revealing they're more loved-up than ever after a decade together.

Chatting in the September issue of Red, out now, Fearne said: 'We’ve been together for more than 10 years now, and I don’t want to get all sickly, but we’re probably more in love than we’ve ever been.'

'We’re in a good place – an ever-undulating but good place.'

Fearne and Jessie tied the knot in 2014 and share two children together, eight-year-old Rex and Honey, five.

Discussing how her social life has changed over the years, Fearne added: 'I don’t have a vibrant social life nowadays, and that’s absolutely fine.

'My friendship circle is minuscule. I like to see people in the day for a walk or for coffee. I don’t like going out at night. I don’t like dinner parties. I don’t crave going out and being a wild party animal any more. I’m really happy being in bed by 10pm and reading a nice book.'

When it comes to her career, Fearne explained that she has learned to prioritise her mental health. Opening up about her decision to leave Radio 1 in 2015, she told Red: 'I had to walk away because it was literally ruining my mind…

'A lot of people still believe in this myth that people on TV or social media are these perfect people with perfect lives, and, of course, it’s all a load of bollocks.'

Chatting about how fulfilled she feels working on her Happy Place podcast, Fearne added: 'All I want to do is help create something that breeds connection and offers people solace if they’re feeling alone.

'I did years of work that was enjoyable, but didn’t necessarily always have a point to it, and I think you get to an age or maybe you go through certain experiences in life where you think, “There has to be more meaning to all of this. You can climb the ladder to get to the best radio show or the TV show with the biggest audience, but then what? What’s the goal?”

'That’s why I’m probably more driven now than I ever have been, because I have to use what I’ve built up for a purpose.'

Read the full interview with Fearne Cotton in the September issue of Red, on sale now. It is available to buy in all supermarkets and online at MagsDirect.

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