Faye Dunaway joins Kevin Spacey's controversial comeback project

Faye Dunaway has signed up to star in Kevin Spacey's controversial comeback movie, The Man Who Drew God.

Variety reports that the 80-year-old actress has joined the cast of the Italian feature film, which will be Spacey's first role since 2017, when his career was derailed by dozens of accusations of sexual harassment and assault.

The feature is directed by Italian actor Franco Nero, who also takes the lead role as a blind artist who can draw people from their voice - who is also wrongly accused of sexually abusing a child.

A poster for the new production was on show at the Cannes Film Festival this week, with Spacey given second billing in the credits, and the Bonnie and Clyde star also pictured.

Early rumours suggested Nero's wife Vanessa Redgrave was also set to appear in the film, but her representatives later distanced themselves from the project.

Dunaway is believed to have taken the role initially touted as Redgrave's - a Braille teacher who is an old friend of the protagonist.

The Man Who Drew God producer Louis Nero, who is no relation to Franco, confirmed: "Vanessa isn't up to travelling anymore."

He added that the film had 'plenty of interest' from global buyers, despite doubts about whether Hollywood would welcome Spacey back following his ostracization from the scene.

The Baby Driver star has not publicly commented on his involvement in The Man Who Drew God since the casting was revealed in May.