Our favourite traybake cake recipes

Our favourite traybake cake recipes

Round layer cakes and bundt cakes look pretty, but a traybake cake, sliced into neat squares can be easier to serve when catering for a special occasion.

That's why we've turned some of our favourite classic cake, recipes from carrot cake to lemon drizzle cake, into traybakes.

Our go to traybake cake has to be the nostalgic school dinner cake - which is an easy vanilla sponge baked in a 20.5cm x 30.5cm baking tin and topped with an oh so easy glace icing and then sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.

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Victoria sponge traybake cake

Victoria sponge is a classic cake recipe that should be at the top of any baking list when it comes to birthdays, afternoon teas and big celebrations. This Victoria sponge recipes is a traybake - so it's easier to slice when feeding a crowd.

Recipe: Victoria sponge traybake cake

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Banoffee pie traybake cake

We've taken the classic banoffee combination and turned it into a traybake cake recipe. If you're a fan of banoffee pie, we'd also recommend our banoffee pie cookie recipe.

Recipe: Banoffee pie traybake cake

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Biscoff traybake cake

This Biscoff traybake couldn't be easier. In fact it only uses three ingredients - Biscoff, eggs and baking powder.

Recipe: Biscoff traybake cake

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Carrot traybake cake

This soft and fluffy carrot cake recipe is topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting. If you prefer a classic round carrot cake check out our best ever carrot cake recipe.

Recipe: Carrot traybake cake

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Lemon drizzle traybake cake

Lemon drizzle cake is the ultimate cake if you're planning on snatching the office bake off crown.

Recipe: Lemon drizzle traybake cake

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Jam sponge traybake

Jam sponge pudding is a nostalgic classic. This takes the school dinner fave and turns it into a traybake cake.

Recipe: Jam sponge traybake

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Creme eggs traybake cake

This Easter baking recipe is an indulgent treat. A gooey chocolate traybake is topped with a rosette of buttercream and half a mini creme egg.

Recipe: Creme eggs traybake cake

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School dinner cake

Nostalgic baking recipes have been growing in popularity. This school dinner cake is not only comforting but also, easy to make. It's a vanilla sponge, topped with icing and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. A wonderful treat to brighten the day.

Recipe: School dinner cake

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Chocolate traybake cake

This chocolate traybake cake, decorated with Smarties, would make the perfect birthday cake.

Recipe: Chocolate traybake cake

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Traybake cakes are so easy to make & include classics such as carrot cake & lemon drizzle cake. Bake in an 8x12inch tray so you can slice & serve straight away