Our favourite high-street serums are half price today

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These top-rated face serums are half price today

Skincare routines can be complicated. There's information that's always evolving and contradicting itself continually thrown our way as well as new product launches left, right and centre.

So it's understandable if you feel like packing it all in and leaving your skin's fate up to the gods. But there are two ingredients we unequivocally know deliver: hyaluronic acid and retinol.

Now seen in a huge array of skincare products to hydrate and add plumpness to skin, hyaluronic acid was originally discovered all the way back in 1934, although it wasn't used in cosmetics until the mid 1990s, where it changed the game.

Famously able to hold around 1000 times its own weight in water (it sounds implausible, but it's true), there are very few ingredients that are its equal when it comes to retaining moisture.

Retinol also started being formulated into skincare in the late 20th century, but it has only become a real buzzword in the last few years – and thank goodness it has, because with so much pseudoscience around so-called "anti-ageing", it's rare to find an ingredient that genuinely works.

A derivative of Vitamin A, retinol is universally accepted by dermatologists and skin experts as the go-to ingredient for plumping fine lines and fading acne scarring.

There is a disclaimer though; it's important to build up the strength of retinol so as not to overwhelm your skin, and avoid wearing it in the sun (especially without SPF) as you could risk causing damage, which is not the plan. However, when used correctly, it's a remarkably effective tool for treating pigmentation, lines and rough texture.

If your interest has been piqued and you're ready to dive in and try these stellar ingredients out for yourself then listen up, because we've found a brilliant deal on a couple of our favourite from L'Oreal Paris.

A leader in the cosmetics industry for over a century, the French brand has always made beauty products that are good quality but affordable, skincare included.

Two of those products which will see you through the day are Red favourites. The Hyaluronic Acid Revitalift Filler Serum and the Pure Retinol Revitalift Laser Night Serum -and the good news is, they're currently bundled together and being sold with a 50% saving.

So we've already touched on what the star ingredients can do for your skin, but how are they incorporated into these two serums? The hyaluronic-acid offering is formulated with 1.5% of the hydrating star ingredient and helps to decrease the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles while giving your skin the ability to hold on to some extra moisture. Just smooth over damp skin in the morning before your moisturiser and SPF and after cleansing to get the most out of it.

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The retinol serum is your nighttime hero. As we've mentioned, retinol and sun are not a match made in heaven so its best to let this one work its magic overnight, epecially because this serum has been formulated with L'Oreal Paris' highest concentration of pure retinol which encourages the regeneration of skin cells, leading to less fine lines and wrinkles over time (give it a month to get to work).

To make sure the skin doesn't dry out, there is also some of our favourite hydrator, hyaluronic acid, mixed in there.

We're crowning this the perfect pairing for anyone looking for an easy, affordable way to slide these ingredients into your skincare routine. You'll get 30ml of each serum which should last a fair while for under £25: that's less than £15 per product.

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