Our Favorite AriZona Drink Flavor Is Frustratingly Hard To Find

Assorted AriZona canned drink flavors
Assorted AriZona canned drink flavors - Static Media / Getty Images

Since the brand's debut in the early '90s, AriZona beverages have been satisfying the masses by delivering canned tea and juice at an affordable price. Despite inflation, AriZona drinks still cost only 99 cents, with the price stamped right on the large can. It isn't just the price that keeps fans coming back to the drinks, though. With more than 100 varieties of tea, fruit juice cocktails, and energy drinks over the years, and more than 70 available as of 2020, there's something for everyone.

With so many varieties, finding a consensus about which flavor is best is hard, but we had to try. Mashed sampled and ranked 24 popular varieties of AriZona drinks based on several factors, including popularity, availability, overall flavor preference, nutritional profile, and ingredients. At the end of more than 500 ounces of AriZona beverages, our favorite was AriZona Black & White iced tea with ginseng and honey. Unfortunately, you may have to put in some legwork to find it if you want to try it yourself. The winning drink is not as easy to find as some of the brand's other offerings, but we think it's a treasure worth hunting.

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AriZona Black And White Tea Is A Rare Treasure

AriZona beverages on store shelf
AriZona beverages on store shelf - Colleen Michaels/Shutterstock

While a 2022 Mashed survey found that 21% of people think AriZona Green Tea is the best flavor, we aren't the only ones who love the AriZona Black & White tea — nor are we the only ones who have a hard time finding it. AriZona posted a Facebook meme featuring the tea, and the comment section was filled with customers singing the flavor's praises and lamenting their struggle to find it. One commenter asked, "Where does one even get the black and white these days? It's the best," while another asserted, "Y'all need to bring Black and White to more stores. Hands down my favorite tea."

Luckily, we can confirm that the tea has not been entirely discontinued. A Reddit thread dedicated to finding AriZona Black & White tea suggests that Albertsons-owned stores (including Safeway) are your best bet for a supermarket that carries the flavor. Convenience stores and gas stations, however, might be hit or miss. If you're really hankering for AriZona Black & White tea, you can always buy it by the case from AriZona, but the price per can is more than double what you would pay in stores — $26.99 for 12 "Big AZ" cans. As AriZona asserted on Facebook when the brand launched the big cans online in 2021, Black & White tea is one of the company's "rarest treasures." Worth it? We think so, but we'll let you decide.

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