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Father's Day gift ideas for 2024: The best gifts for every dad

It's crunch time! Luckily, these last-minute Father's Day gifts will arrive just in time.

golf bag tag with tees, smart bird feeder, Ember smart mug
You waited until the eleventh hour, huh? Dad won't mind, especially when you show up with one of these cool-as-him Father's Day gifts.(Mark & Graham, Birdfy and Amazon)

Father's Day is just around the corner. Do you have anything for Dad yet? Didn't think so. While your old man may treat Sunday like just another day, it's the job of those who love him (ahem, you!) to ensure that it's anything but. My two cents: These last-minute Father's Day gifts are the best way to celebrate him. And before you express your doubts, I'll go ahead and reassure you that these practical, personalized and downright perfect gift ideas don't feel very last minute. Promise.

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It doesn't matter who you're celebrating because this list has unique gift ideas for all the different dads in your life: your husband who's celebrating his first Father's Day as a dad, your father-in-law who raised him, your grandpa who still spoils you endlessly and your own dad who's been there since day one. Quality time is arguably the best Father’s Day gift you can give — but these top picks are a close second. I’ve found presents for every kind of dad: the griller, golfer, tech wizard, frequent traveler, car enthusiast and more. But if he’s one of the rare few who doesn’t have a clear-cut hobby, you can pick from an assortment of overarching-but-not-too-obvious gift ideas (think: a garment bag-turned-duffel).

But what about the man who buys whatever, whenever he wants? Opt for something useful that he’ll thank you for every chance he gets — like a battery organizer or a clip-on Bluetooth speaker. Or sign him up for a jerky or coffee subscription to keep the surprises coming long after Father's Day. Still have your doubts? I get it, but it’s literally my job to help people find one-of-a-kind gifts for the ones they love most. Yep, even when they're strapped for time. Luckily, all of these Father's Day gift ideas come with lightning-fast shipping, so they'll arrive at your door (or Dad's) just in time.

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Since day one, he’s brought order to your chaos and now it’s time to return the favor. The first task: organizing his extensive battery collection by size and type. Incorrect storage drains batteries, so this kit also comes with a tester to ensure that the ones you keep are well worth it.

$15 at Amazon
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$18 at Walmart$18 at Ace Hardware

Despite your best efforts, Dad still isn't too keen on the e-reader life. Instead of straining his eyes to read in the dark (or worse, keeping Mom up with the lights overhead), he can drape this bendable light around his neck to help him see what's on the page.

$20 at Amazon

If he uses AirPods on the reg, then he shouldn’t have to give ‘em up when he hits the skies. Just plug this nifty Bluetooth transmitter into the headphone jack of an in-flight entertainment system and connect up to two pairs of wireless headphones for a full day of travel. (Not sure you should take my word for it? Our tech expert said the Airfly Pro “worked flawlessly.”)

$55 at Amazon
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$55 at HSN$55 at Office Depot

Take it from this five-star Amazon reviewer: “The Aura Carver is not just a digital picture frame; it's a gateway to shared moments and cherished memories.” Set it up in advance by uploading your favorite pictures and videos with Dad to the Aura app. Then once it’s connected to WiFi, he can cycle through them and add some of his own.

$138 at Walmart
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$149 at Amazon$150 at Nordstrom

Our tech editor Rick Broida said he’d grab this self-heating mug if his house catches fire — need I say more? It keeps coffee or tea at the ideal drinking temperature (somewhere between 120°F to 145°F) for well over an hour — it’ll turn on automatically once you fill it with your brew of choice and turn off as soon as you take your last sip.

$90 at Walmart
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$103 at Amazon$130 at Wayfair

He seldom stays in one spot and luckily, he can just clip this Bluetooth speaker onto his backpack, belt loop or bike basket to carry the tunes with him. It packs a real punch: Jam out to 10 hours of music on a single charge.

$80 at Amazon
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$80 at Macy's$80 at REI

He’s got all the latest gadgets and gizmos, but that doesn’t mean he should have to deal with a messy web of cables and cords. This three-in-one wonder can wirelessly charge his iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch, then fold up for easy transport. If you'd like to learn more, our tech expert is also a fan of this space-saving must-have.

$40 at Amazon

Everyone's obsessed with the Ninja Creami (including our tech editor). Here's why: Using special Creami technology, this multiuse machine churns out gelato, ice cream, milkshakes and other customizable frozen treats. That means he can whip up something healthy or decadent — it's totally his call. 

$217 at Amazon
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$230 at Wayfair$260 at SharkNinja

There’s something about dads and their grills. And while you might never quite understand it, Father’s Day is a rare (pun intended) opportunity to lean into his passion. Send him this box of grilling favorites — four cuts of USDA Choice steak and two packs of American wagyu smoked beef sausage — so always has something to fire up.

$180 at Snake River Farms

Gas, electric or charcoal — he can use this smoker tube with any type of grill. Just stuff this stainless steel tube with wood pellets — cherry, mesquite, you name it — and infuse meat, fish, veggies and cheese with subtle smoky flavor. Go with a single tube, double it up or go with the whole set, which also comes with a grill brush and silicone oven mitts.

$18 at Amazon

Ah, pizza ovens: No one needs one per se, but they’re a game-changer if you like to whip up homemade pizza on a weekly — ahem, daily — basis. This one took the top spot in our tests — it’s easy to use, great for small spaces (but can still cook a 12-inch pie) and has retractable legs for tabletop use.

$399 at Amazon

With this 11-inch pan, he’ll finally earn the Grillmaster title. Not only can it withstand temperatures up to 1200°F, but it has a perforated base to get the perfect sear without worrying about veggies or small cuts of meat slipping through. “It has totally transformed how I cook seafood, one five-star fan wrote. “No more worrying about food sticking to the grill surface and I love how minimal oil/fat is needed.”

Note: Select overnight shipping to ensure it arrives in time. 

$99 at Made In

Beef jerky is the way to your dad’s heart. Send him a monthly assortment of different flavors — pick from two to eight bags per box, starting as low as $19 a month for an annual subscription.

$19 at Craft Jerky Co.

He’s a bit of a coffee snob, so you know as well as I do that’s a bold move to give him something coffee-related. Cometeer is just the thing: These innovative capsules are filled with flash-frozen brews, which means he’ll be able to enjoy coffee in its freshest, most flavorful form. They’re just as versatile as they are delicious — drop the frozen puck into hot water or pour the melted coffee into a glass with cold water and ice. Sign him up for a monthly membership of 32 capsules ($64) or opt for a one-time purchase ($84).

$64 at Cometeer

Whether he’s set his sights on a summer full of hiking, kayaking or lounging on the beach, this waterproof bag is sure to come in handy. Basically, he just throws in with whatever he wants to keep bone-dry — electronics and cash, especially — and rolls the top down to create a seal.

$12 at Amazon

He’ll get up close and personal with his feathery neighbors. When birds make a pit stop at this bird feeder, it’ll automatically capture high-quality videos of his winged friends and send notifications straight to his phone. Use its AI recognition feature to identify 6,000-plus different species — from the obscure to the ordinary.

Note: This gift may not arrive in time, but it's well worth the wait.

$170 at Birdfy

What is it with dads and their obsession with the weather? Well, now’s not the time to question it. Instead, give him this rain gauge so he can measure how much rain falls — and prepare for an influx of updates you didn't ask for. 

Note: This gift may arrive after Father's Day, but Uncommon Goods gives you the option to the let the recipient know that something special is on the way.

$45 at Uncommon Goods

He doesn’t need to be a hiker or camper to put this battery-operated headlamp to good use. Nope, he can throw it on whenever he needs a closer look at something, whether he’s trying to hunt down the right size screw in his toolbox or light his way when taking out the trash.

$12 at Amazon

Men and fires — yet another stereotype that holds up. While he (im)patiently waits to tend to a fire in the fireplace, he can get a similar thrill with this tabletop fire pit, perfect for bringing warmth (and s’mores) to backyard hangs. Fuel the fire with wooden pellets (pick up a bag while you’re at it) and add more to keep it rolling.

Not: Only select colors will arrive in time for Father's Day.

$67 at Backcountry
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$80 at Amazon$82 at Wayfair

If it were up to your dad, it’d always be football season. During this in-between time, he can spend his Sundays catching up on the highlights of his team’s past seasons. This book has it all: Inside, he’ll find write-ups from the New York Times archives about game-winning plays, MVPs and Superbowl victories (depending on who he’s cheering on, of course).

Note: This won't arrive until after Father's Day, but Uncommon Goods gives you the option to let the recipient know that something special is on the way.

$90 at Uncommon Goods

The next time he hits the green, he’ll glance down at this bag and be reminded of how much he loves you. Add his initials to this vegan leather tag, which comes with three spare tees in case he loses any during a round.

Note: Personalized items will arrive after Father's Day.

$49 at Mark & Graham

More than 40,000 people picked up this magical goo on Amazon last month — including a fair share of Yahoo readers (it's a bestseller!). Press this slime-like gel into the car's cup holders, air vents and other hard-to-clean spots, then peel away dust, dirt and other unwanted debris. 

$7 at Amazon

Gearheads will get a kick out of assembling this Ford Mustang replica, complete with an opening hood and trunk. Customize it with a supercharger, exhaust pipes and other authentic add-ons from the 1960s.

$167 at Amazon

This stainless steel straw is pure magic — er, well, science. It’s filter removes 99.999% of microplastics, bacteria, parasites and other unwanted particles from water. When it’s not in use, keep it protected in its leak-proof carrying case.

$35 at Amazon

Enter the ultimate travel hack: This duffel bag can fit up to five days’ worth of folded clothes, plus the hanging compartment will keep his suit or dress shirts looking fresh and wrinkle-free. There’s even a separate shoe compartment, so they don’t dirty up his clean clothes.

Note: Select express, two-day shipping.

$98 at Halfday

These breathable joggers are made with travelers in mind. Functional and fashionable, they repel stains, stay wrinkle-free and keep his valuables close in the anti-dump pockets (yep, they’re actually designed to keep items in). Heed Nomatic’s advice and size up if he’s between sizes.

Note: Get it in two days with expedited shipping. 

$130 at Nomatic

This button-down is made with performance fabric to wick away sweat, stretch with his every move and stay wrinkle-free from morning to night. Choose from striped, checked or gingham styles — all of which will undoubtedly earn Dad’s stamp of approval.

Note: Select two-day or overnight shipping.

$100 at UntuckIt

My dad (among many others) has been singing Bombas' praises for years. Your dad will be too — as long as you pick up this box of four tasteful yet fun dress socks. One reviewer gushed that they “didn’t know a dress sock could feel so good” in part due to their stay-up technology, perfectly snug fit and built-in arch support.

Note: Select overnight or two-day shipping.

$74 at Bombas

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