Supersize mum slims down to share her daughter's wardrobe

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A 17-stone mum who once dwarfed her daughter's petite frame has slimmed down to a size ten - and now shares her clothes.

Donna Duxbury, 50, became a hermit after ballooning to a size 24 and would enviously watch Kayleigh, 21, getting dolled up for nights on the town.

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So she joined a diet club and lost six stone in two years - and now shares a wardrobe with her daughter and comfortably slips into her tight jeans and slinky tops.

Donna said: "Sharing my daughter’s clothes all started when Kayleigh gave me a pair of jeans she didn’t want. I was shocked to discover that they fitted me perfectly.

"It was great and it made me feel so confident. Then she started looking through my wardrobe and picking out things that she liked."

Kayleigh added: "Now that she is my size I can borrow her clothes which is brilliant.

"She is a lot happier now she is healthier and it’s great that we can spend a lot more time together and go out together on nights out."

Donna, of Torquay, Devon, was a self-confessed ‘big eater’ who grew up with three older brothers and was always served big portions.

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Despite being a petite size at the age of 18, she piled on weight after having three children.

She said: "I just felt really unhealthy and really fed up. I couldn’t go to the shops or even buy clothes. A size 24 would be tight on me.

"Before I lost the weight I wouldn’t go out, I would just hide in the house. But now I go out with my friends, I will get up and have a dance and my daughter comes out with me.

"She loves it too. Before she wouldn’t even walk around with me but now she is more than happy to be around with me.

"Some of my friends don’t recognise me - even my mum saw a picture of me from a family holiday and didn’t recognise me."

Donna, an assistant manager at a merchandise shop, joined Slimming World in March 2010 and followed the plan religiously.

Now, at 10st 13lbs, she is the slimmest she had been since the age of 18.

Kayleigh, who is planning to go to Plymouth University in September, said: "When she started to lose weight it was great because she was able to get her style back and go to the same shops as me.

"I’m so proud of her. She’s been on so many diets and nothing has really worked, but this has definitely worked for her.

"My friends can’t believe how well she’s done. Some of them haven’t even recognised her at all, I have to remind them that she's my mum."

Donna's partner of 20 years Eric, 57, has also reaped the benefits.

She said: "He is so proud of me. He thought it was amazing, as if he had a new woman.

"I suppose he did get a new woman in a way."