The Fashion Insider Diary: Tamsin Wong

Tamsin Wong
Tamsin Wong

Content creators in the fashion and lifestyle sphere are aplenty, but none inject a dash of satire like Tamsin Wong, also known as Tamsin Amy or 'Maybe Tamsin'.

She and her adorable four-year-old Cavapoo Rhubarb (who is a fan favourite) entertain her followers with skits of brilliantly witty characters who can only be described as pompous British socialites (which you'll get a little taste of below in her outfit descriptions). But all jokes aside, her fashion game is second to none.

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Tamsin describes her style as "clean and relaxed with a preppy twist" - the ultimate formula for It-girls right now, but always with her own flair - whether that's an "ugly shoe" or a rowing cap from The Rhubarb Society - a brand she created as an ode to her dog. "I always want to look put together, but I also don’t want to be boring or uptight – a good outfit should look effortless." But, like any fashion-forward dog mum, "a big consideration is whether I am sans Rhubarb or not."

Proving the power of the quiet luxury movement, or timeless dressing, Tamsin explains " In all honesty, I try not to keep up with fashion trends anymore as I was finding myself wearing a certain item 2 or 3 times and then never again. They’re good to refer to for inspiration but I think it’s so important to see how you can adapt the trend to suit your wardrobe for longevity. I think good personal style will always trump the fashion trend du jour."

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Tamsin shared a week's worth of outfits with us, her styling tips and her fashion pet peeve...

The Fashion Insider Diary: Tamsin Wong

Day One

Look 1
(Tamsin Wong)

I’m a pair of shorts and some long socks away from looking like a prep school boy (a recurring joke I have about my dress sense that isn’t really a joke) but I didn’t think that look would be appropriate for meetings so I opted for some jeans instead. I then had to go from meetings, straight to a SpaceNK event in the evening so I needed something comfy and cool. I wore Celine Loafers, Frame Jeans with a Petit Bateau tucked in and a Djerf Avenue Blazer. The handbag is vintage Gucci. When I’m with Rhu I need a bag big enough for her snacks and a pair of bottoms I don’t mind her sitting on with dirty paws (because HRH Rhubarb never sits on the floor).

Day Two

Look 2
(Tamsin Wong)

This outfit looks like I would have a lifetime membership at The All England Lawn Tennis Club and also ride the mechanical bull at the local bar after too many tequilas. I like that though because I’m all about balance. I’m wearing a Ralph Lauren cardigan, Abercrombie jeans, Paige cowboy boots and my Longchamp Roseau hobo bag. The day was a mixture of calls, filming and personal appointments, so normally I would have worn trainers, however, in the evening I had to head straight to dinner with friends so I thought a heeled cowboy boot would add a little more yeehaw to an otherwise middle-aged outfit.

Day Three

Look 3
(Tamsin Wong)

This is my take on business casual because, in my eyes, Celine is always business casual. I had a few fairly important in-person meetings and then date night with my partner at an overpriced restaurant (my fave). I’m wearing Celine boots (which I love, but they’re not very practical when it comes to running away from the bill), Paige denim with a petit bateau v-neck tucked in, a Celine belt and a Djerf Avenue blazer.

Day Four

Look 4
(Tamsin Wong)

The weather had dropped significantly and it was one of those days where I was out of the house all day with a mixture of filming content, lunch with friends, and then brand meetings followed by dinner and the theatre in the evening. I knew I needed layers and options for each of the things I was doing and so I somehow ended up with this look. I’m wearing Paige cowboy boots, Paige denim, a Brandy Melville t-shirt and a Paige denim blazer. I have a thick Brora jumper tied around my shoulders (that also kind of doubled as a scarf, because why just wear a scarf, right?).

Day Five

Look 5
(Tamsin Wong)

In all honesty, this look is made up of the nearest, cleanest, comfiest things I could find because I couldn’t be bothered for anything else. This is a more relaxed outfit for a day of running errands, writing my newsletter and hanging out with my only friend, Rhubarb. I’m wearing short Uggs, Frame denim, a Uniqlo thermal, a big chunky Mango half zip and a rowing blazer cap with Barbar on it.      

The fashion insider low-down:

Can you describe your personal style in a few words? How does it reflect your role in the fashion industry?

Clean and relaxed with a preppy twist - I always want to look put together, but I also don’t want to be boring or uptight – a good outfit should look effortless. It can be fun to play with patterns, prints, and layers in an unexpected way to elevate the basics.  A big part of my job requires having to be in several places a day with all different kinds of people and I’m always conscious about being comfortable and appropriately dressed whilst still adding my own flair.

What's your go-to outfit for a busy day of fashion events and meetings? How do you balance comfort and style? 

A crisp white t-shirt, an oversized blazer and a pair of comfy jeans would be my go-to. I’d use a bag and a baseball cap to accessorise. Also, much to my partner's dismay, I love an ugly shoe, so I’d probably be wearing something unexpected on my feet.

What are your go-to brands?

Petit Bateau and Uniqlo for decent but affordable t-shirts and wool/cashmere jumpers (everyone comments on how great my plain white t-shirts are when I wear the PB ones). Djerf Avenue for shirts and blazers, and Theory for clean tailoring. Paige do the most wonderfully flattering jeans which can be hard to find when you’re short like me.

Do you have any fashion icons or inspirations that influence your style choices? How do they inspire you? 

Olivia Palermo has been a huuuuge fashion inspiration since I was a teenager, I’ve always admired how polished she looks without being basic. She knows how to have fun with clothes. Young Alain Delon too as he always looked effortlessly cool – everything he wore was tell-tailored but understated. I actually draw a lot of influence from menswear as I’ve always preferred that style of dressing for my body type and overall comfort. Otherwise, it has to be the people I see day to day. The beauty of living in London is that I’m constantly walking past people with fantastic personal style and they inspire me to take elements from their sartorial choices and spin them so that they work for me.

Weekdays can be hectic. What's your weekday workwear wardrobe like, and how does it differ from your weekend attire?

Due to the nature of my job, every day (in the working week) is so different, and I usually have 100 different things to think about so I need my wardrobe to function like building blocks that I can mix and match, but still fit together nicely with minimum brain power required. I’ll have a rotation of trousers (normally black, one more tailored and one more relaxed), denim (a white pair, a mid-wash blue and a dark wash), flattering good quality t-shirts and oversized shirts. I’d say my weekday workwear borders on utilitarian whereas my weekend attire is much more ‘creative’. You’ll catch me out and about in everything from stripy boxer shorts with a fleece or pyjama bottoms with Converse to a mesh rhinestone top with a velvet double-breasted jacket for drinks or dinner.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. What are your must-have accessories, and how do you use them to elevate your look? 

The first thing is an appropriate bag for the outfit. It is my biggest pet peeve when I see people (especially at more formal events or dinners) with a huge tote or a Birkin because they think an expensive bag is more important than an appropriate bag – you never want the bag to steal focus from your wonderful outfit. I also think a minimal, clean belt with gold hardware is a must and instantly elevates a look by cinching in the right places or breaking up an outfit. Lastly, I’m never without a pair of sunglasses (the bigger and darker the better) and it’s the easiest way to pull a look together. They’re also great as an impromptu hairband to push back hair or create a deeper plunge in a t-shirt or shirt by folding them over the placket.

Many people admire the way fashion insiders put together outfits effortlessly. Can you share some of your styling tips for mixing and matching pieces?

I think proportions and tailoring are so important. You have to be comfortable enough with your body to examine it and understand what’s flattering to your body type. A general rule I follow is breaking up the fit of my clothing – for example, a baggy bottom half shouldn’t be paired with a baggy top half without something to break it up, like a fitted top under an oversized jacket or a belt to cinch it all in. Equally, a fitted bottom half shouldn’t be paired with a fitted top half without something looser (like an oversized blazer or jumper tied around the shoulders). It’s important to find the right balance so that the outfit flows.

Fashion insiders often attend high-profile events and parties. What's your strategy for creating memorable looks for evening parties? 

Personally, I stick with what I feel comfortable in but I add a small unexpected detail. It can be something as small as a glittery sock with a huge heel, or a loud hair accessory. They’re also great talking points. When I go to more formal events, I find myself discussing people's strange cufflinks, ties with funny prints or crazy jewellery. If you carry your look with confidence, people will notice you and then your unexpected details will make you and your look memorable.

The fashion industry can be demanding. How do you balance comfort and style when you have long days of meetings and appointments? 

Comfy shoes and layers. The magic of layering is that at any point in the day, you can recreate an outfit that feels new and also appropriate to the meeting or appointment you’re attending. I like a classic trainer - my black and white Converse high tops are probably my most worn flat shoes because I think they work with everything. I can wear them with leather trousers, jeans, and tailored trousers and still look stylish which I think is rare for a trainer. Henry likes to joke that I haven’t left my teenage emo phase when I wear them, and he’s not entirely wrong but I refuse to give them up.