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Fashion influencer defends 'controversial' wedding guest outfit: 'Look[s] like under garments'

Finding the right thing to wear to a wedding can be tricky, especially if the dress code for guests is a bit open-ended. But one woman’s attempt to find the perfect wedding day look has split her audience.

The original video was shared by Olivia Burrows Sutherland (@oliviaandliving), a fashion and lifestyle influencer who mostly publishes wedding content.

But other times, she likes sharing “get ready with me” videos, where she displays her unique (and sometimes polarizing) fashion choices.

That’s exactly what Sutherland was doing in one of her recent viral TikToks when she asked her followers to help choose an outfit for an upcoming wedding she was going to.

“Come and spend the day with me as a guest to a wedding that is going to be beautiful,” the TikToker says in the clip while holding up some clothing options. “But first, I need your help to get dressed.”

Right away, Sutherland makes it clear that she’s definitely going with a bold, tiered skirt in a deep blush pink color, but she’s stuck on what kind of top to pair with it, as well as what shoes and accessories look best.

The first option is a black crop top with spaghetti straps, which she’d pair with some black patent-leather slingbacks and a small black purse.

Or, she could go neutral with a light beige tube top, matching stilettos, and a cream-colored bag. (Her only fear with that, though, is whether other people would think it was too close to white.)

“I actually prefer this a lot more because it’s more summery, and I think it definitely suits the wedding vibe more,” Sutherland continues while showing off the full look with the pink maxi skirt.

But even though she likes the way it looks, she’s still a bit on the fence.

“Is this color okay?” she asks her followers. “I don’t know, please — I actually genuinely need your help!”

In the comments, people were quick to weigh in with their thoughts. And while most people loved the skirt, they definitely weren’t digging the rest of the options she chose to pair it with.

“None!” one person said of the outfit options. “Tops kinda look like under garments.”

“no to the tops, it’s a wedding,” someone else told her. “skirt is gorgeous [though].”

“Skirt is stunning. Tops no. They were disappointing,” another person wrote.

One person called the tops “wayyyy too casual,” while another simply said they were “bad.” Yet another person added they just didn’t seem “appropriate” for a wedding.

Others were mostly confused why she didn’t just use the matching white top that came with the skirt since they paired together nicely.

“You should really wear the matching top,” one person informed her. “It would look amazing and still fitting for the wedding.”

However, Sutherland said in reply that she felt the matching top was too fancy for the wedding’s laid-back cocktail attire and that its long-sleeved style would feel too hot in the warm weather.

In the end, Sutherland decided to trust her gut. A follow-up video shows her wearing the light and neutral tube top look with the blush skirt when she later appeared at the wedding.

“A controversial wedding guest look apparently,” she wrote in the post caption.

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