Fantastic Bat-Eared Fox! Cincinnati Zoo Welcomes Cutest New Arrival

This total cutie pie is a baby bat-eared fox who was born on 5 April 2024 at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. He is doing well in the care of the Zoo’s neonate specialists and animal care staff. The baby bat, known as a kit, is a little squeaker, according to staff at the zoo! “The kit, a boy, is progressing well with bottle feeding. He sleeps a lot, which is normal, and makes adorable vocalisations when it’s feeding time,”said Cincinnati Zoo’s Animal Ambassador Team head keeper Samantha Villa. “His eyes are already open, and he is curious about his surroundings,” adds Senior Trainer at the Cat Ambassador Program, Andie Haugen. In addition to meeting the kit’s nutritional needs, the team is spending time socialising him and making sure that he is comfortable with people. He will eventually become an ambassador animal, and visitors will see him in the zoo’s Cheetah Encounter and at some events. Bat-eared foxes have giant ears and exceptional hearing that helps them locate insects to eat. They also have more teeth than most mammals, making it easier to consume live prey and are native to southern Africa.