Fans stunned by lookalike Harry Styles and Florence Pugh Don’t Worry Darling costume: ‘That’s not Harry?’

Fans stunned by lookalike Harry Styles and Florence Pugh Don’t Worry Darling costume: ‘That’s not Harry?’

Fans are stunned over a couple’s Halloween costume which showcased the pair’s striking resemblance to Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in the psychological thriller film Don’t Worry Darling.

In a video shared to TikTok over the weekend, influencer Tess Christine could be seen wearing a white dress and blonde wig for her Halloween costume as Alice, who is portrayed by Pugh, in Olivia Wilde’s film.

Christine’s husband, Patrick Raitor, also dressed up as Alice’s husband, Jack, who is portrayed by Styles. For his costume, Raitor wore a beige shirt under a black suit and a pair of black sunglasses.

The clip shows a change in the couple’s costumes with Christine holding an empty glass and donning a fake blood stain on her dress. Raitor had fake blood on his head. The blood stains were added to these costumes in order to represent a (spoiler!) plot point in Don’t Worry Darling where Alice hit Jack in the head and killed him with a glass tumblr.

Christine poked fun at the movie in the caption, writing: “Darling I’m worried…Rip to Patrick in the comments…”

As of 31 October, the video has more than 8.7m views, with TikTok users in the comments noticing how much Christine and Raitor look like Pugh and Styles.

“I literally thought this was Florence and Harry,” one wrote, while another said: “You’re telling me that’s not Harry?”

A third: “WAIT this took me a minute to understand he wasn’t the real Harry Styles.”

Multiple viewers also praised the couple for coming up with such a creative costume.

“Y’all win. Period,” one wrote. “This was absolutely needed and you guys killed it of course!”

“This is amazing and we love Patrick, he’s perfect for this,” another wrote.


Darling I’m worried 🍸🎃👻 rip to Patrick in the comments…

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Leading up to and following the release of Don’t Worry Darling in September, there’s been a lot of drama surrounding the film. Wilde had to shut down assumptions that Styles had spit on co-star Chris Pine and denied rumours that she had a feud with Pugh.

While speaking at Elle’s Women in Hollywood Event earlier this month, the 38-year-old director poked fun at the online drama and how it has affected her.

“Let’s face it: You are not a woman in Hollywood until you’ve begged to be placed into a medically induced coma until your press tour is finished,” she joked. “Until then, you are just a woman residing in or around the Hollywood area.”

During her interview with the publication, she encouraged viewers to focus on the “questions” being asked in the film, instead of the online speculation surrounding it.

“Having been a known figure for a while...makes me well-equipped to have a Teflon exterior. But it also means that you’re under a different kind of microscope,” she said. “It’s brought my attention to the media and how it pits women against one another.”