Fans stunned by Donald Faison and his daughter’s Clueless Halloween costumes: ‘This is the best’

Fans stunned by Donald Faison and his daughter’s Clueless Halloween costumes: ‘This is the best’

Fans are stunned by Donald Faison and his daughter’s Halloween costumes after they dressed up as Dionne and Murray from Clueless.

The 48-year-old actor shared a photo of him and his seven-year-old daughter, Wilder, posing as the two iconic ‘90s characters on his Instagram on Monday. Faison notably starred in Clueless as Murray, the boyfriend of main character Cher’s best friend, Dionne, who was portrayed by Stacey Dash.

In the photo, Faison wore a magenta hoodie, green joggers, and backward Kangol hat -- an outfit bearing similarities to what his character wore in the film.

Standing in front of her father, Wilder wore one of Dionne’s famous outfits consisting of a matching plaid skirt and jacket and a red shirt. She completed the signature look with a large hat on her head, a small purse around her wrist, and a fake cellphone in her hand.

Many famous faces also went to the comments of Faison’s post to praise the father-daughter duo for their Halloween costumes.

“Great Dionne costume!..But your Murray needs a little work,” Justin Long jokingly wrote, while Mona May, the costume designer for Clueless said: “OMG she is a perfect Dionne!!

Actor Kal Penn added: “This is the best!”

Other people made references to Murray’s lines in the movie, one of which wrote: “This is next level incredible! ‘Cause I’m keepin’ it real, ‘cause I’m keepin’ it real.’’

CaCee Cobb, who is Faison’s wife and the mother of Wilder, also posted the photo of the pair on her Instagram, with references to the film in the caption, including #AsIf” and “#dionneandmurray”.

This wasn’t Faison’s first time addressing his role in the beloved film. During an appearance on AOL’s Build Series in 2019, he confessed that he was concerned about whether people would watch Clueless or not back when it was first released.

“Nobody’s ever going to see a silly movie where we’re talking really weird,” he said. “You know what I mean? And I remember [producer] Adam Schroeder saying, ‘Oh, it’s going to be a hit.’ And me looking at him like, ‘This movie?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, this movie’s going to be really huge.’”

He then acknowledged that once the film came out, he realised that he “achieved [his] goal” of seeing Black characters have major roles in teen films throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“I grew up on The Breakfast Club and I grew up on Sixteen Candles and all these movies,” he said. “And in all those movies, you never see the Black character. The Black characters in the back or the Black characters the real angry one…or doesn’t exist in these movies. And my goal was to be Ice Cube in this movie, but to also be Jake Ryan [from Sixteen Candles] in this movie.”

He emphasised how he thought Clueless was a success, adding: “After watching it, I was like, ‘Holy cow, I definitely did what I sought out to do.’ And you know 25 years later, here we are, and it still resonates.”

In his recent Halloween post, Faison also shared a photo of his and Cobb’s nine-year-old son, Rocco, wearing Philadelphia 76ers red uniform, a blue sweatband, and a chain for his costume.