Fans shocked after Taylor Swift posts TikTok about clubbing with Travis and her parents

Fans shocked after Taylor Swift posts TikTok about clubbing with Travis and her parents

Taylor Swift has amused and excited fans after taking to TikTok after the Super Bowl to show a behind-the-scenes look at her night.

Following Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win on Sunday February 11, the couple went to an after-party that Swift thought would be appropriate to take her parents to.

“It’s a friends and family party they said,” text across her video read as it was filmed in a night club and featured the tight end with her. “Bring your parents they said,” as the camera panned across to her mother and father sitting in a booth with drinks in their hands.

The video ended with Swift cringing. “Accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life,” the Grammy winner captioned her TikTok.

After the clip was posted, it went on to receive over 20 million views, with many of the comments impressed that the singer posted at all and even included her boyfriend in it.


Another commenter agreed, writing: “A CASUAL TIKTOK FROM TAYLOR IN 2024 THIS IS CRAZY.”

“Not me thinking this is was just another video from my swiftie [For You page],” a third commenter pointed out.

Other commenters were more focused on Kelce’s short appearance, during which he stuck his tongue out at the camera.

“YES TRAVIS IS OFFICIALLY ON THE TAYLOR SWIFT ACCOUNT,” one person wrote in the comments.

During another point of the after-party, the pair also shared a sweet moment, which featured a reference to one of Swift’s hit songs. In multiple videos posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, by fans, Kelce could be seen standing next to the DJ, as a remix of Swift’s song, “You Belong with Me” started playing.

The New Heights podcast host then turned around and faced the crowd, before specifically pointing at his girlfriend. As he continued to sing along to the tune, Swift responded by happily pointing back at him, with a drink in hand. She then held her beverage up and smiled, before once again singing along to the remix of her tune, which is from her 2008 album, Fearless.

On social media, many fans have gone on to applaud the adorable moment between the couple at the Super Bowl after party.

“THEY’RE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER,” one person wrote on X, while another tweeted: “Fairytale couple.”

“I literally can’t stop crying of happiness,” a third wrote. “I’m so in love with those two.”

When the video was posted to Instagram, many fans went to the comments to praise Kelce and Swift’s relationship in general.

“LOVE TRAVIS! And that all the little Swifties watching will grow up knowing what type of Prince Charming to wait for and how he should treat his queen. Travis is a shining white light,” one wrote.

“They both deserve the best!,” another added.

Aside from singing “You Belong with Me” together, another video on X captured the pair dancing during the remix of another one of Swift’s songs, “Love Story”. While singing the song at the after party, Swift could also be seen wearing Kelce’s grey, sparkled jacket, before they exchanged a kiss.