Fans are saying Kim Kardashian looks like this 70s rock singer

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Kim Kardashian has proven, yet again, that she can pull off any hair look. Recently, we’ve had mermaid-like flat waves, liquid hair with a 00s-style side fringe and even a ‘Barbie doll’ updo – and that’s just a few off the top off my head. Along the way, she also drops beauty looks that take us by complete surprise. Anybody else remember when she went from her signature dark looks to bleach blonde overnight for the Met Gala? You’ve gotta respect the commitment, right?

Now, Kim has brought the shock factor once again. In a new photoshoot for Interview Magazine, the reality star is sporting bleach blonde hair that seems even lighter than usual. But that’s not even the half of it. Kim's go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton also gave her super choppy layers and curtain bangs for the ultimate 70s vibe. Oh, and did I mention she also has matching bleach blonde eyebrows?

Yep, Kim went all out for this hair look and while we are 99.9% certain that it's a wig, the photoshoot has created mixed feedback online. However, lots of fans are also noticing that the reality star’s new hair reminds them of a certain rock singer:

“A la Cherie Currie from The Runaways”

“Very Cherie Currie 😍”

“Cherie Currie vibes”

“Looks like Cherie Currie”

While some were reminded of other celebs:

“Face is giving Uma Thurman”

“Reminds me of Uma Thurman”

“Thought this was Lady Gaga until I read the caption”


Either way, as somebody who isn’t the most adventurous with their hair, I appreciate it when somebody likes to take a risk.

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