Fans praise Love Island's Dr Alex George for sharing honest body transformation journey

Dr Alex George showing off his body in a topless selfie
WARNING TAKEN FROM INSTAGRAM: Dr Alex George's inspiring body transformation Credit: @dralexgeorge/Instagram -Credit:@dralexgeorge/Instagram

ITV's Love Island alum Dr Alex George has been showered with love and admiration for sharing the personal journey behind his body transformation. The 33 year old, who first graced our screens in the 2018 series of Love Island, has since leveraged his medical expertise into a flourishing television career, offering health advice on programmes like This Morning and Naked Education.

Recently, Dr Alex shifted the focus to his own wellness journey, revealing how he achieved a fitter physique after being dissatisfied with his increasing waistline. On Monday, he took to Instagram to post a collection of snaps that showcased his toned figure, including shots of him jogging in the rain and another where he sports a fitness vest, alongside throwback pictures flaunting his bare torso indoors.

In a candid revelation, he shared that he had an epiphany about his health taking a worrying turn in 2022, which spurred him into action.

In his heartfelt Instagram caption, Dr Alex penned: "How did I turn my life around? I started showing up for myself. That's it. I woke up on the 4th of December 2022, and promised myself that from that day forward, I would show up for myself. In everything I do. For Alex. Every day."

"Whether I could give 3%, 40% or 100%, I just showed up. I always celebrate in my head when I walk in the gym, or put my trainers on, because that's the hardest part done. Whatever I do after that point, is a bonus. Because I showed up that day I get to move forward."

Delving deeper into his worries, he went on: "My health and my life was heading towards a car crash a few years ago. Showing up for Alex has meant I have tackled my relationship with drinking, faced my demons, lost the weight and found love for movement again. I have made new friends, discovered new hobbies and importantly found out who I am and what I want in life."

"Every day I wake up, and I promise to show up for myself for one more day. Each day the same. If you do that, you can change your life, I promise. Show up for yourself. And watch how your life changes for the better."

He added: "And the funny thing is, you know what was the tipping point? Starting @thestompcast podcast, the conversations I had on there, and the act of going out and walking in nature, is literally what made the difference. I owe so much to the stompcast. I really do."

Alex's heartfelt words struck a chord with his followers - who praised him for his transformation and thanked him for being an inspiration. One fan penned: "A journey I know all too well. It's not easy - you are incredibly inspiring."

While another chimed in: "Was contemplating going for a run, but you've made my mind up... off to find my trainers."