Fans praise Kourtney Kardashian for her unedited bikini snap on Instagram

kourtney kardashian just posted an unedited bikini snap to insta
Fans praise Kourtney Kardashian for unedited photoInstagram/Kourtney Kardashian

Think what you will of the Kardashians, but Kourtney Kardashian previously shared an unedited bikini snap on Insta, and fans were all for it.

While the Kardashian-Jenners have come under fire over the years for editing their photos, fans noticed that Kourtney's latest pic looked totally unretouched.

She shared the photo to her brand's account, Poosh, and captioned it: 'Talk about an instant butt lift. We tapped Kourt’s trainer @jesseohara for her top at-home pilates moves for a rounder rear. Link in bio for her tips. 📷: @kourtneykardash #pooshtheboundaries.'

Given that the post is promoting how Pilates can help tone your butt, it makes sense that Kourtney would choose an unedited photo of herself.

Fans quickly took to the comments section to praise the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star for sharing the photo. 'Finally an unedited Kardashian 👏🏻,' commented one Instagram user, another added 'Way to empower the natural body!! Love this 🙌❤️,' while a third said 'I love the untouched photos! Amazing!'

Someone else said 'It's so good to see celebs with cellulite,' while another fan commented 'I love that the little dimples were kept! It's so natural and so beautiful 😍.'

Around the same time that she posted the pic, Kourtney opened up about how her body changed due to the pandemic. Speaking in a Poosh YouTube video, she told fans: 'I definitely gained a few pounds over this quarantine time and I love my body and I'm proud of my shape and I'm obviously posting it.'

Her comments came after speculation from some fans that she might be pregnant with Travis Barker's baby. 'I don't think I look pregnant at all,' she said in the clip, 'we're all shaped differently, and that's my body, and I'm proud of it so that's how I respond to the negative comments.'

In fact, this month, in a TikTok posted by Lemme, Kardashian's vitamin supplement brand, Kourtney shared her (hilarious) candid responses to a string of comments left by some haters who had something to say about her family, her clothes, and even just the way she speaks.

One comment read, 'Can the Kardashians just retire?' to which Kourtney responded, 'That would be nice.'

There were also a few comments about her choice of attire: a T-shirt featuring punk band Agnostic Front. 'A Kardashian wearing an Agnostic Front shirt. Really? Does she even know who they are?' one TikTok user wrote. 'Absolutely not,' Kardashian answered.

Go Kourts! 👏

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