Fans are obsessed with this sweet clip of Tom Holland comforting Zendaya

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Photo credit: Cindy Ord - Getty Images
Photo credit: Cindy Ord - Getty Images

Zendaya and Tom Holland have been busy adding to their long list of cute couple moments lately, and fans have found a new favourite with this latest clip.

We've recently seen Zendaya poking fun at Tom with a hilarious impression of his 12-year-old self, while the pair have also treated us to plenty of sweet interactions on camera.

Now, fans are obsessed with another cute exchange between the couple, with new footage showing Tom seemingly comforting Zendaya during an interview. And yes, it's 100% as heartwarming as it sounds.

Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images
Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

The footage appears to show Zendaya bobbing her leg up and down during an interview (which some fans have speculated could be a sign of her being nervous), while she holds her elbows together. Tom is seeing chatting to the interviewer, before he seems to instinctively reach his hand over to steady Zendaya's knee with a reassuring squeeze.

Fans have taken the clip as an example of Tom supporting and calming Zendaya, and it's all very sweet.

Sharing an edited version of the clip alongside music on Instagram, followers of the pair wrote, "I knew Tom Holland was a perfect boyfriend but THIS...". Fans added in the caption, "People with anxiety know how important this type of support is 🥺," while another commented, "He’s so sweet. 😍".

While Zendaya hasn't specifically addressed being anxious in this particular moment, she has previously opened up about feeling nervous, especially while working in the entertainment industry.

She told GQ in January 2021, "In this industry, I had to learn how to do small talk and stuff, because I guess I would kind of come off cold to people because I didn't really know how to start conversation."

She continued, "I remember my stylist was like, 'You come off kind of cold. People think you're mean because you don't talk,' when really I just was too nervous."

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