Fans are *losing it* over a new pic of Florence Pugh holding a fish

Fans are *losing it* over a new pic of Florence Pugh holding a fish

Florence Pugh is one of those people who can make literally anything look good. Whether it's a fierce see-through dress, romantic nightgown or grunge-inspired boots - Miss Flo's style is as varied as it is brilliant. Now, following her roles in multiple headline-making blockbusters, Florence has just smashed another goal and landed her *second* Vogue cover (no biggie).

Of course, no Vogue shoot is complete without a generous amount of designer outfits, and that's exactly what the brand delivers. While the 27-year-old looks beyond cool on the cover, sporting a black and aqua dress with both a cowl and halterneck style top, the photo we really want to talk about though is the one where Florence is holding a massive fish like it's an accessory. Yep, that's a sentence I never thought I'd write.

The pic in question shows Florence wearing a sleeveless ivory dress, featuring a plunging keyhole detail on the chest, teamed with a statement black belt and a pair of over-the-elbow gloves. In her hands? A MASSIVE fish. Of course, she still manages to make it look cool, because Florence.

Scroll through to the second pic to see the outfit:

Rather than a hyperrealist It-piece created by an edgy fashion brand, the (seemingly real) seafood is most likely a nod to the actor's love of cooking. The comments, however, are still hilarious with fans' mixed reactions to the unexpected addition:

I’m obsessed with the fish photo

Flo holding a fish like so many guys on Tinder did before her. Who came up with that idea?

man why the fish

Hahhaha best tinder picture ever!

Why is this fish photo on the second slide so good?

It's called Fishion, look it up

Fashion seems kinda fishy these days… 🐟

I am so here for this photoshoot..... 🌶️

all the men with fish photos on their dating profiles are SHAKING

I love the fish photo

the only fish photo i’d swipe right on

The actor shared the exciting news of her latest Vogue cover with her 8.6 million Instagram followers, writing: "It’s here. It happened again. I remember when I was told that Anna Wintour wanted me to be on the cover 3 years ago, I felt like I was there. I’d made it. Vogue cover at 24 for me felt bizarre and unreal. We got the cover printed and framed (big over the top gold frame.. obvi) and it was such a wonderful reminder of how unique that moment in my career was."

"Anna Wintour wanting me on the cover for a second time feels just as unique. If not more? I love working, I love working hard. To be recognised in these pictures and pages like this is such a wonderful nod.

"These magazines were always special to me when I was younger. The weight, the pages, the images. They have so much to say and I’m so appreciative and lucky to be here again. Thank you to all who made this possible! Thank you Anna. Thank you Sergio. Thank you Chloe. Thank you, wonderful crew."

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