Fans feel 'sad' as Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat Farm Shop announces closure

Jeremy Clarkson's popular business venture, Diddly Squat Farm Shop, startled fans by announcing it would close but luckily it's only a temporary situation.

The announcement on the official Instagram account informed followers the farm shop would not be open for one day on Wednesday, 24 April.

Their post read: "Important announcement. Diddly Squat Farm shop will be closed for the day on Wednesday 24th April." It continued: "We will be closed this Wednesday, reopening as usual on Thursday. Really sorry for any inconvenience."

Fans immediately stormed the comments section demanding answers for the closure. Among the flurry of reactions, one fan commented on the closing, and said: "That makes me sad. I love DIDDLY! " Another enquired: "Is everything closed? Shop and cafe?"

Jeremy Clarkson is back for another series of Clarkson's Farm on Prime Video - however, Diddy Squat has faced its challenges
Jeremy Clarkson is back for another series of Clarkson's Farm however, Diddly Squat has faced its challenges -Credit:Amazon Prime
Broadcaster turned farmer Jeremy Clarkson has suffered a series of heartbreaking setbacks
Jeremy Clarkson's popular farm and cafe will close - but only for one day -Credit:No credit

Another follower injected some humour into the situation and commented: "Did you run out of eggs?"

Others expressed disappointment with one fan saying: "Oh no! Was planning on bringing my husband down for a birthday farm visit."

There were also those who managed to see the silver lining with one fan stating light-heartedly: "That's fine, I couldn't have made it anyway."

It wasn't all laughter though, as the news of the farm shop's temporary closure comes on the tails of an even more harrowing updates regarding the farm in the forthcoming series of Clarkson's Farm.

Teasers for the upcoming series reveal Jeremy was handed a closure notice for the entire Diddly Squat operation, a piece of news that has left the former Top Gear presenter less than pleased.

"Enforcement notice. Cease use of any part of the land as a restaurant or a cafe," Jeremy read aloud on camera, looking visibly taken aback before questioning: "What?"

Jeremy Clarkson has issued a sad Diddly Squat farm update
Clarkson's Farm has a massive fan following and recently announced sad news -Credit:Amazon Prime

"Ridiculous," a fellow co-star of Jeremy's is heard saying. "All that effort we have put in and we are back at square one."

Elsewhere in the teaser, the Doncaster-born celeb is shown tending to his pigs who've just given birth to their first bunch of piglets.

Sadly, matters take a tragic twist as Jeremy mentions: "One of them is as weak as hell."

Later on, he presents Lisa with two piglets that had sadly passed away. The sight of the deceased piglets leaves Lisa distraught, as she cries: "Oh no," before breaking down in tears while cradling the tiny animals.

The 63 year old host opened up about his secret health battles lately and explained that he underwent an operation back in October 2023 to remove a 5cm cyst from his back.

Jeremy had been worried about the lime-sized cyst for a while and admitted that he was at a luxury wellness retreat with his girlfriend Lisa Hogan shortly before removing it, but couldn't relax and enjoy himself due to worrying about it. They ended the trip quicker than planned to have it removed.