Could Tea Replace The Pill As Every Woman’s Go-To Contraceptive?


The tea contraceptive could be in use within 10 years (Rex)

Women could, within a decade, use a cup of tea rather than the Pill to avoid getting pregnant, experts have claimed.

The contraceptive cuppa would be infused with the same drugs that are now used in the Pill.

Scientists and tea company Tetley predict that a birth control drink could be on the market by 2026 and would provide an effective alternative to the Pill

It comes as companies explore opening up the market of ‘remedy’ teas.

Some brews already come with added vitamins and teas could soon feature contraceptive medicine.

“By 2026, one example of these remedy teas could feature contraception medicine,’ said Tetley’s Laurent Sagarra, according to the Mirror.

‘The benefit is that whatever the medicine, from birth control to antibiotics and painkillers, it could be available in a far more palatable format than a pill.

“Also, you may forget to take your pill but you never miss your morning cuppa.’

Last year it was reported that one detox tea had led to unwanted pregnancies after it interfered with the Pill.

The pill, one of the major medical advances of the 20th century, was introduced in the UK on the NHS in 1961.

It has been estimated that some 3.5 million women use the pill in the UK, aged between 16 and 49.

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