This Fan-Favorite Candy Is Returning for the First Time in Over a Decade

Nostalgia is having a moment.

<p>Getty Images/Allrecipes</p>

Getty Images/Allrecipes

There’s something undeniably exciting about seeing a product you loved as a child return to shelves—especially when it comes to candy. And recently, we’ve been lucky enough to see several old favorites resurface or be reimagined, from Capri Sun’s launch of a large jug version of its fruit punch to Butterfinger’s celebration of its 100th anniversary with a collaboration that began over three decades ago.

While these popular items are new to shelves, many others have been discontinued, leaving fans pining for their return. Now, a sour candy from the early 2000s is making a comeback and will be available for the first time since 2010.

Altoids Sours Are Returning as Retro Sours

Altoids Sours are returning to shelves with a new name—Retro Sours. And yes, they will be packed in those handy metal tins. Besides the name change, there is one other major difference. Retro Sours will be released by Iconic Candy and not Mars Wrigley.

Iconic Candy is a family-owned business that revives beloved childhood candy that has been discontinued. In a recent TikTok video, user grocery_obsessed shared footage of the 2024 Snacks and Sweets Expo that highlighted Iconic Candy’s booth with details about the products the brand is reviving, including Retro Sours.

According to the Iconic Candy website, when the company sets out to revive an old favorite candy, it starts with in-depth research, including gathering memories from fans. Then, it remasters the candy based on the findings and conducts several rounds of testing to perfect the flavor. Iconic Candy has revived several discontinued products, such as Creme Savers, Reed’s, and BarNone chocolate bars.

In its most recent Instagram post, Iconic Candy called for taste testers for the new Retro Sours. Fans were quick to share their enthusiasm. “Will you be bringing back raspberry too??? That was my FAVORITE as a kid,” said one commenter.

Iconic Candy’s website lists various retailers where you can find its products, including Hyvee, Cracker Barrel, World Market, and Five Below. While we don’t know the exact details of the release yet, the candy is expected to launch this summer.

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