Famed photographer Rankin shoots striking campaign of people with learning disabilities

Having a disability shouldn’t put you at a disadvantage when it comes to social situations. Unfortunately, a large number of people feel uncomfortable being around people with learning disabilities, according to charity Mencap.

Their ‘Here I Am’ campaign aims to change the way we think and feel about learning disabilities. A stunning portrait series, shot by acclaimed photographer Rankin, sees eight individuals laughing and smiling.

The striking black-and-white images will be displayed around the country and perfectly capture each person’s personality. Rankin explained his reason for getting involved: “All too often we overlook people with a learning disability. It is so easy to miss the person and see a stereotype instead. With these images, I want people to see past the learning disability; to catch a glimpse of who each individual is.”

See all of the images and find out more about each participant.  

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