The Fall Guy's Stephanie Hsu: Ryan Gosling is so silly

Stephanie Hsu was full of praise of her co-star Ryan Gosling credit:Bang Showbiz
Stephanie Hsu was full of praise of her co-star Ryan Gosling credit:Bang Showbiz

Ryan Gosling's 'The Fall Guy' co-star Stephanie Hsu is "so silly" like her.

The pair star as Colt Seavers and Samantha, respectively, in the upcoming David Leitch action thriller, and the 32-year-old actress revealed just what it was like working with the 'Drive' star, 42, and how he was just as "weird" as she is on set.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stephanie said of shooting the flick: “It’s been so fun. David and [producer Kelly McCormick] showed me a sizzle reel last time I was in Australia and I think it’s going to be so good. Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt — amazing, amazing.”

She added of the Hollywood heartthrob: “I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan’s since forever.

“I’ve always felt that he’s cut from the same kind of weirdo cloth actually, and he definitely is. He’s so funny, so silly and such an artist.”

It was just revealed that the original Colt Seavers, Lee Majors, is set to make an appearance in the movie adaptation.

The 83-year-old actor played the role in the 1980s action series about a Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter, and couldn't turn down the chance to make an appearance in the upcoming film following a surprise phone call from director David.

He said: "I’ve just filmed a movie called 'Gettysburg Christmas'. I’m looking forward to another film with the team behind 'Renegades' and, here’s an exclusive for you, yesterday I had a phone call from David Leitch who directed 'Deadpool' and 'John Wick'.

"I knew he was doing 'The Fall Guy' movie in Australia with Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt but I was surprised by his call. He asked if I would appear in the movie and so I had to say yes!"

Lee - who was married to late Hollywood pin-up icon Farrah Fawcett from 1973 until 1982 - is also known for his starring role as 'former astronaut, USAF Colonel Steve Austin in 1970s TV classic 'The Six Million Dollar Man' and went on to tease that a big screen adaptation of that could be in the works and explained he would definitely take up the chance to be in it.

He said: "I know Mark Wahlberg is trying to get 'The Six Billion Dollar Man' movie made, it has been put back several times, but if they asked me to take a role in that, sure, why not? I like Mark Wahlberg, he’s a good kid!"