Face-Tapping - Weird Weight Loss Trick Promises To Banish Yo-Yo Dieting Forever

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Who knew the answer to dieting was, literally, at our finger tips the whole time!

The "face-tapping" technique, which involves touching certain acupressure points, promises to help you beat stress eating, making diets more manageable.

According to the experts, comfort eating - rather than sugar cravings or portion sizes - is the main reason we fall off the diet wagon.

Well, duh.

Stress in our daily lives causes us to reach for the chocolate digestives, because we mistake the momentary satisfaction we get from eating sugary foods, for a more sustainable release of endorphins in our body.

How it works:

Face-tapping works in two ways.

Firstly, there's the physical response. Stress causes you to produce the hormone cortisol. According to "tapping" experts, by putting pressure on certain acupressure points on the face, you can limit activity in the amygdala, reducing the amount of cortisol in your body.

Decreased cortisol means less stress, so less need for that third Kit Kat Chunky.

Secondly, there is the psychological effect.

Much like the principle of snapping an elastic band on your wrist to stop you from expressing your anger towards an irritating co-worker, the face tapping method provides you with a new way to deal with your psychological over-eating triggers.

According to Livestrong.com, you are encouraged to come up with a short reminder phrase, something positive to encourage you to feel better and beat your stress, which you repeat to yourself as you tap out the rhythm on your face.

This way, the tapping becomes associated with confident, affirmative action against stress, diverting your energy into something other than food.

Really though?

The tapping technique isn't new. 

Therapists have been talking about it, and refining the process, since the 60s and 70s.

And apparently it works! During a recent study, out of 89 women, those who tapped for 15 minutes a day lost an average of 16lb in eight weeks, as part of a diet and exercise plan.

Tapping for Weight Loss, HOW TO:

There are 10 acupressure points on your face that you can concentrate on.

The next time you feel stressed, try using all of your fingers to tap the top if your head, repeating the phrase: "Even though I feel frustrated, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Next, do the same while tapping out a rhythm on your eyebrow, the side of your eye, under your eye, under your nose, the point of your chin and your collar bone.

Repeat the process, with as many different motivational phrases as you feel you need, until you sense a calmness in your body.

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