Can face powder stop sunglasses from sliding off my face?

The hack
Putting face powder on your sunglasses to keep them from slipping down your nose.

The test
Does everything need a “hack”? Case in point: putting something in place to stop your sunglasses slipping from your face. I’m no philosopher, but maybe, just maybe, we can all tolerate a modicum of annoyance in our lives to help us appreciate the good stuff. I genuinely mean this in a non-pedantic way. Or maybe your sunglasses just need tightening? But what if you are the kind of person who becomes enraged with an unparalleled wrath when your sunglasses slip down your nose in sweaty weather?

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Then just dust those nose pads and the bridge of your glasses with translucent face powder and it should stop them from moving. That’s probably because the face powder absorbs some of the oil from the skin, which could be causing the irksome slippage.

Does it work? A little bit, yes – although its effects wore off pretty quickly. On a whim, I also tried putting some chafe balm on them, reasoning it would do a similar thing as it creates a barrier to any rubbing. For me, that worked better, and lasted longer too.

The verdict
Try both ways if you’re so inclined. But it just doesn’t bother me enough – so there’s no way I’d remember to do this ever again.