The £10 face oil I swear by for radiant skin

Face oil
This affordable face oil that really helps nourish dehydrated skin. (Getty Images)

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When it comes to skincare, I've never been one of those people into 10-step regimes, nor am I obsessed with on-trend ingredients.

(Even though I work in the media alongside beauty editors who constantly give me the latest beauty products to try out).

Despite that privilege, I actually prefer simple, affordable products that give great results. And I've found an amazing face oil that gives my skin some serious radiance, for just over a tenner.

A bit of background: I moisturise morning and night using the same product, usually face oil. (I've never believed you need different products for day and night.) The only time I might make an exception to my rule is if it's really hot and I feel my skin needs a slightly lighter product in the day – and let's face it, that happens no more than a handful of times during a UK summer.

A lot of people are scared of face oils, fearing they're too greasy, but my combination skin (I have an oily nose/forehead but my cheeks and neck are dry and prone to dehydration) literally drinks it up.

Rather than clog my complexion, I find that face oils give my skin the kind of radiance that I don't get from any other kind of moisturiser. And I've tried a lot of skincare in my time.

In fact, since I started using more nourishing oils about 10 years ago, my friends started saying that they think I'm ageing backwards. As I've never had any tweakments I reckon it's largely due to religiously using a cheap face oil I found in Boots (there's no Dorian Gray-esque portrait in my attic, promise!)

Which is why I want to introduce you all to Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil for Face, £10.49. It really is a wonder product.

How does it work?

Many people associate Palmer's (which has been around for 182 years so it's clearly doing something right) with its range of nourishing body butters, which I also rate really highly, So when I realised the brand produced a face oil, too, I added it to basket, pronto.

And it more than lived up to my expectations.

The Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil contains a blend of 10 pure oils alongside Cocoa Butter, Retinol, Vitamin C, and the brand's exclusive Cetesomate-E® Complex.

The £10 face oil that includes 10 pure oils is my forever favourite. (Boots)
The £10 face oil that includes 10 pure oils is my forever favourite. (Boots)

£10.49 at Boots

The oils help to moisturise and nourish the skin and smooth fine lines/wrinkles, while the Retinol and Vitamin C are the super-power ingredients that help with the radiance because they help brighten your skin tone and texture.

As for the Cetesomate-E® Complex? It helps to deliver the essential vitamins and nutrients directly into the epidermal layer (which is the outer layer) of the skin

As well as all those benefits, it's hypoallergenic, paraben-free and dermatologist tested.

How to apply

After cleansing, I simply apply about five drops to my hands, rub them together to warm the oil up, then massage it gently into my face and neck, using upwards strokes. You can apply as little or as much as you feel necessary. I tend to use quite a lot (I actually like my face to feel greasy, especially at night.)

Top tip: One evening a week, I give my face a firmer massage to undo any muscle tension. I apply a good amount of Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil to ensure I'm not pulling my skin, and then use my knuckles to knead the muscles of my face quite deeply using upwards movements. Not only does it release any tightness, but it also makes my face pink and glowy. (If you're prone to clenching your jaw when stressed, as I do, be prepared for this to feel a little uncomfortable).

If you're nervous about using a face oil, or find it too heavy, especially for use in the daytime, then try mixing in a couple of drops into your regular moisturiser. It'll give it a little extra boost, without being too greasy.

In the morning, I always blot my face gently with a tissue to get rid of any excess face oil before I apply my SPF30 and my makeup.

What to expect

If my skin could speak, it would probably say, "Thank God for Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil" because now it feels happy, hydrated, soft and silky-smooth.

My fine lines have definitely reduced – I think a lot were due to dehydration from not using the right products.

Another bonus? One bottle of Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil lasts me around three months, which works out at a mere £3.49 per month.

And, like I mentioned earlier, the radiance is real. I took a close-up of my foundation-free skin and put it on my Instagram stories recently to show off a new blusher I was wearing. But instead of commenting on my newly sculptured cheekbones, I got a load of comments about how healthy and glowy my skin looked.

In my opinion, that makes this amazing little bottle of face oil my forever favourite, and worth way more than its £10.49 price point.

Buy it now: Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil for Face  | £10.49 from Boots

£10.49 at Boots

£10.49 at Amazon