New face mask is specifically developed for menopausal skin

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Photo credit: Iryna Veklich
Photo credit: Iryna Veklich

Though many of us will be au fait with some of the more well-known side effects of menopause — hot flashes, vaginal dryness and brain fog — it's impact on our skin is always as widely understood.

During menopause our bodies stop making as much collagen, we lose fat under our skin and its elasticity drops. That, combined with dryness caused by hormonal changes, can cause sagging — especially around the neck, jawline, and cheeks — and fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, with so many hormones flying around, some women can find they experience acne.

This is likely due to a drop in estrogen levels or an increase in androgen hormones like testosterone, and you may still experience menopausal acne even if you're using hormone replacement therapies (HRTs) to ease your menopause symptoms.

However, thanks to Davina McCall’s latest ground-breaking documentary, Sex, Myths and The Menopause, this empowering conversation continues and has lead to a spike in new beauty products — specifically aimed at menopausal women — hitting the shelves.

This is where brand-new treatment mask Menopause Faace comes in — and the specially formulated product has created quite the buzz. Just as their Period Faace mask helped normalise period chat, Faace founder Jasmine Wicks-Stevens explains that she saw a gap in the market for menopause products.

Jasmine explains: 'Menopause Faace has been born from the same need as our other hero masks; fuss-free TLC for your skin when you need it most. It’s does-what-it-says-on-the-bottle beauty that’s been designed to have shelf-appeal.'

The mask is designed to target lack of collagen and firmness, an antioxidant and multivitamin-packed ingredients list is billed as boosting menopausal skin while offering hydration and moisture

The list of ingredients all have a purpose, as well as smelling and feeling lovely; rose water soothes and refreshes to hydrate your skin; carrot seed and pomegranate oil provide antioxidant properties to keep things plump and healthy; rosehip oil partnered with rose flower oil help to create a youthful glow and sea buckthorn comes packed with vitamin C, E and various B vitamins.

Then you've got immortelle flower oil helps create a youthful glow; safflower seed oil that deals with dryness and, finally, zinc and geranium that help to ward off those pesky breakouts.

It might not get rid of hot flushes, but it will support your skin through the rollercoaster ride.

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