People are raving about this £4 eye cream from Boots

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Women are raving about this £4 eye cream from Boots. (Getty Images)
Women are raving about this £4 eye cream from Boots. (Getty Images)

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A good eye cream is perhaps the most underrated skincare item you can have in your beauty arsenal.

It might seem, at first glance (excuse the pun), to add just one extra, pesky thing to your morning and evening routine, and surely a moisturiser does the same thing right?

However, an eye cream helps to specifically target the area where we tend to start showing signs of ageing soonest, and can help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Plus, it helps to hydrate, reduce dark circles and minimise puffiness (great for those early morning Zoom meetings). The real question is, which one to get?

We're backing the Boots Glow Eye Cream. People are raving about this £4 product and the low price point makes it a risk-free place to start.

Why we rate it:

For starters, the Boots Glow Eye Cream refreshes and rehydrates your under-eye area providing hydration and giving it a smooth feel.

However, the number one reason why so many love it is its brightening quality, giving a healthy glow and revitalised look.

Other women say it's helped to reduce puffiness and makes their skin feel a lot softer.

For only £4, what's not to love?

What the reviews say:

  • "This is such a nice little eye cream, nice and easy to apply and you don't need to use too much - just a few small dots. It leaves my eyes looking really bright without any noticeable or unnatural shine, I use it every morning!"

  • "I have had this eye cream for a couple of months and have really enjoyed it. You only need to use a small amount so the product lasts a long time. I use it every evening and find my under eye area is a lot more hydrated and my make up has been going on a lot smoother. Highly recommend."

  • "I have been using this product for a few months and love the way it has improved the softness and puffiness of my eyes. Just about to purchase another tube."

  • "I've only been using it for a week and I can see the difference. Very hydrating, texture not too heavy, does not smell chemical and most importantly really brightening!"

  • "This product gives my under eyes a healthy glow! Not too much to irritate them but just the perfect subtle difference."

  • "This does exactly what it says on the description and at a low price. My under eyes feel extra hydrated and smooth, also lasts all day. Especially in the cold months in suffering from dry skin so this is really helping me. If your looking to get rid of wrinkles I don't think this is the one for you but if you want a healthier glow to the skin and feeling hydrated then this is definitely a good bargain!"

  • "Bought this on a whim as I needed a new one but was on a budget. Love the feeling on this cream on my skin, I have very sensitive eyes and this doesn't irritate me at all. Would recommend if you’re looking for a cheap but great product!"

Buy it: Boots Glow Eye Cream 15ml | £4 from Boots

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