Expecting Couple Updates Neighbor on Pregnancy with Sweet Ring Camera Check-Ins: 'So Emotional' (Exclusive)

The compilation video exploded on TikTok as people savored the sweet moment between neighbors

<p>TikTok/katiebrookenewton</p> Sydney and Trevor Melton update neighbor Katie Newton as they await their baby


Sydney and Trevor Melton update neighbor Katie Newton as they await their baby

Neighbors living on the same floor in an apartment building found a special way to share some big news.

Katie Newton had gotten to know her neighbors, Sydney and Trevor, after living in the same building for the past few months. Knowing the pair were eagerly awaiting the birth of their first baby, Katie made sure to check in with the couple.

"When she confirmed that her due date was near, I told her I'll be tempted to check my Ring camera whenever there is motion just in case it's them running out the door with their hospital bags!" Katie tells PEOPLE. "After that, she and her husband decided to organically give me little updates... basically their way of saying, 'Nothing to see here! Still pregnant!'"  

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Sydney and Trevor Melton have been married for four years. The excited couple has been embracing their surprise pregnancy while balancing Sydney's career and Trevor's graduate school studies.

"This pregnancy was not planned but we are so thankful it happened," Sydney tells PEOPLE. "My husband is a full-time graduate student, and I teach kindergarten at a forest school. This pregnancy was rough in the beginning, but overall pretty smooth sailing."

That said, the "home stretch" was giving the mom-to-be a challenge.

"I thought I was never going to give birth. I could only fit in one t-shirt, hence the same t-shirt in almost all the Ring camera clips, and I was doing everything I could to get this baby out!" she says with a laugh.

<p>Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images</p> Stock image of a Ring doorbell camera

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Stock image of a Ring doorbell camera

The Meltons started their Ring cam updates "a little before my actual due date."

"It was probably close to two weeks of updates every time I would pass her front door on the way in or out," Sydney says.

Katie was shocked on the day she finally saw the Meltons bringing their baby girl home.

"I was so emotional when I saw the Ring video of the new baby! I immediately saved it to my phone and showed it to my boyfriend, we just swooned over it," she shares.

Katie explains that initially, "I didn't make the video for TikTok or any social media. I compiled it just for the three of us to have because it was our little inside joke, but we all loved it so much and kept watching it that we decided to share it with others!"

Sydney says watching it brought her and Trevor to "a puddle of joyful tears," explaining, "I gave Katie permission to post it on TikTok after she sent it to us. We just knew it had to be shared with other people."

Neither Katie nor Sydney and Trevor expected the video to go so viral. To date, the video has over 32 million views.

"We are just unsuspecting, normal people with no social media following, so it was quite a surprise! It has been so incredibly fun, though, watching the world be touched by our story," Katie says.

"We had no idea it would blow up like this," Sydney agrees. "We are the last people you would think would ever 'go viral,' so it definitely felt unreal to us. We knew something crazy was happening when people like the Today show, Hallmark, and Ring commented on the video. So many people want this to be turned into a commercial, and we think it would be perfect for that. It’s like a Pixar short."

Sally Anscombe/Getty Images Stock image of a newborn baby
Sally Anscombe/Getty Images Stock image of a newborn baby

When they aren't marveling at the experience, the new parents are living the highs and lows of life as new parents.

"Newborn life is like someone hit you with a truck and you aren’t allowed to rest up enough to get up and walk away," they joke. "But you get a really cute new baby out of it! We are in awe. God has blessed us with a beautiful soul. We don’t know what we are doing but we are loving it!"

And when she's ready, baby Melton has a very special neighbor waiting to meet her. looking forward to "getting to meet the little one when the time is right."

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