Exclusive: Strictly's James Jordan reveals heartfelt reason behind decision to finally quit smoking

Former Strictly Come Dancing professional James Jordan has inspired fans after he revealed he has quit smoking after 27 years.

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James opened up to HELLO! about the heartwarming reason he decided to break the habit after nearly three decades, admitting that Ella, the two-year-old daughter he shares with his wife Ola Jordan, was a huge reason behind his major lifestyle change. Now, the father-of-one is encouraging others to stop smoking as part of the NHS's Stoptober campaign.

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"The main reason I decided to give up smoking was because of Ella being born," James admitted, before sharing it was his dad, Allan, who broke his habit of smoking shortly before James did.

"My dad gave up a couple of years before he got ill. He always used to say to me: 'I really want you to stop smoking.' Both of us never expected we would ever stop. After doing it for so long, I just assumed we would never stop smoking," said James.

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The former pro dancer said he gave up smoking for his daughter Ella

"My dad's diagnosis of his brain tumour was a huge spark for me to make a change. I just thought to myself, if he can handle what he's going through, then I can stop smoking."

James' dad Allan sadly passed away in 2020 after he developed a brain tumour following a series of strokes. "I gave up at a really stressful time in my life - and strangely, I think it helped," said the pro dancer.

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"Many people give up smoking at a time when everything else in their life is hunky dory. As soon as they experience stress, they want to reach for a cigarette," explained James.

"I was already stressed with my dad being ill, so I never had that feeling. I had too much to think about." James told fans that giving up smoking was "one of the best decisions he ever made".


James' dad Allan sadly passed away in 2020

He was quickly inundated with messages of support and words of encouragement. "Well done, keep going! Just think that all the time usually spent on smoke breaks is now extra time to spend with your beautiful Ella," wrote one fan, as another penned: "Well done! My hubby gave up smoking when we were expecting our first child 27 years ago and never looked back!"

James Jordan is supporting this year's Stoptober campaign. Quitting with Stoptober will boost your confidence and help you stay smokefree for 28 days by being part of a community and support network. For free support to quit this October, search ‘Stoptober’ or visit www.nhs.uk/better-health/quit-smoking.

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