Exclusive: James and Ola Jordan clash over daughter Ella's birthday party

James Jordan in a red shirt and Ola Jordan in black and pink against the backdrop of white flowers
James Jordan and Ola Jordan attending Lizzie Cundys 48th Birthday party in 2018 (Getty)

Professional dancers and married couple James and Ola Jordan are back with episode two of their new HELLO! online show At Home with James & Ola, and it's a cracker.

The former Strictlystars gave us the lowdown on their daughter Ella's fourth birthday and it seems the pair disagree over who worked the hardest at the party. Sound familiar, parents?

Kids parties are a time of joy but also complete and utter mayhem… booking the entertainment, planning the food, the dreaded party bags and all those shrieking kiddies – so how did James and Ola fare? 

"I don't know why I do it because it's really stressful," Ola admits in the video.

However, James was quick to point out that Ola had a little help arranging the party. "Can I just interject," he says. "You had a kids' party planner."

Oh, the thing of dreams, a party planner (we're not jealous at all).

Ella Jordan eats an ice cream
Ella Jordan is now four!

Then things get a little heated. "I did everything," Ola states. "You just turned up. He turned up and he was going, 'Oh hello!' (air kisses) to all the mums."

"She's such a liar!" James jokes.

It's a hilarious husband-wife exchange that even features James showing viewers all the leftover cups from the party as Ola had gone to town on the cup order.

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Ola and James Jordan stood in the dark
James and Ola shot to fame on Strictly Come Dancing (Ricky Vigil)

The best bit is viewers get to see "the real Ola" according to James, who can more than hold her own in a funny tiff with her husband.

Also in the episode, James and Ola reveal what happened when Ella finally got her wish and scaled the high climbing wall at Bluewater, which is only open to children aged four and over. It was all going well until she reached the top!

The couple opened up to viewers about a huge milestone coming up for the family as well… Ella starting school in September. "She's my little baby," says Ola, who isn't ready for her daughter to look so grown up in a uniform just yet.

Watch the full episode in the video above.