Everything that should be on your radar this weekend (25th Feb)

Slowthai for ES Magazine  (Elliott Morgan)
Slowthai for ES Magazine (Elliott Morgan)


When we put Slowthai on the cover just over two years ago, we knew he was going to go places… we just didn’t imagine said place would be the teeny tiny confines of E1’s George Tavern on a Wednesday, or that the entry fee would be £1. To be clear, this is a downsizing born out of choice, not necessity: the show a part of a pub tour to celebrate Tyrone Frampton’s beautiful third album, Ugly. If you fancy seeing him somewhere more roomy, you could hang on until July when he opens for Blur at Wembley Stadium. We know which option we’re going for…

1 Mar. Tickets at dice.fm

 (Elliott Morgan)
(Elliott Morgan)


Let’s talk about drugs in movies… Oh yeah, those film people are obsessed, as Dr Gulliver Hoover’s 14-volume Why Movie-makers are Mad About Drugs* will attest. Is there any substance in particular you want to discuss? Cocaine, please. Ahhh, the director’s drug of choice for adding a sprinkle of illicit glamour. I mean, who would have watched The Wolf of Wall Street if Leo had been stuck in a K-hole for three hours? Can we talk about animals, too? That can only mean Cocaine Bear. As loopy as it sounds, this action comedy is inspired by the true story of a bear that ate a duffel bag of coke that was thrown out of a smuggler’s plane. That beast simply died; this one goes on a murderous rampage. Chances of this being any good? Hmm… it’s directed by Elizabeth Banks (who did Pitch Perfect 2) and stars the late and beloved Ray Liotta, so maybe. Fun fact: if this does become your favourite ever film (believe me, it will for some), you can make a pilgrimage to see the stuffed real bear at the Kentucky Fun Mall. Will there be a sequel? Yes, Heroin Stoat and Meth Toucan** are already in the works…

Cocaine Bear’ opens in cinemas on 24 Feb

 (Film handout)
(Film handout)


The nerds will now tell you that Andor is the greatest Star Wars TV series of them all (there are now a good 3,242 of them), but the only one that, three seasons in, keeps us coming back for more is The Mandalorian. Why? The answer to that is green, tiny and rhymes with ‘Davy Soda’ (and yes, nerds, we know that’s not his real name).

The Mandalorian season 3 premieres 1 Mar on Disney+


If you can’t quite grasp what Nineties DJ legend, Homoelectric founder and social media sensation Luke Una is talking about in his viral Instagram rants, just get yourself down to the arches of Night Tales, Hackney, where he’ll be letting his true passion for spinning the decks shine all night long.

Tickets from £24.48. 24 Feb (dice.fm)


Too young (or boring) to have experienced the old Soho of the Colony Room and the Krays first hand? Now you can immerse yourself in it. A recently unearthed treasure, the never-before-published novel Love, Leda is a compelling exploration of queer working-class life and a vivid portrait of the Soho that is long gone but not forgotten.

£10.99 (Peninsula Press)


Paddington’s Pilgrm eschews the generic ‘filler’ art of most other hotels, so find photographer Janette Beckman’s portrait portfolio of pop culture figures including The Clash and Run DMC popping up there. Can’t make it?

Don’t miss her latest book, Rebels: From Punk to Dior. (Accartbooks)


Gorillaz: despite being a virtual band they’re one of the realest acts in the music biz. It’s been three years since the release of their eighth studio album and we still can’t get enough of Damon Albarn’s kooky cartoon creatures. Thankfully, there’s plenty more chaos to come from the ’Rillaz, as they gear up to release their ninth, Cracker Island. Expect all the trademark alt experimental goodness, this time featuring Stevie Nicks, Bad Bunny, Thundercat and Tame Impala, with wonkywacky lyrics that’ll make you wanna turn off, tune in and drop in.

Available on streaming services from 24 Feb