Everything Nicole Scherzinger did to get the 🔥🔥🔥 body she has now

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Everything Nicole did to get the body she has nowGareth Cattermole

If you're a fan of Nicole Scherzinger (who isn't, tbh!?) then you'll definitely have noticed she's got one heck of a banging body - which she loves celebrating on her Instagram feed.

And it's the many, many 🔥 posts on her Instagram that have got us thinking: how does Scherzy stay in *such* amazing shape? With that in mind, we took a wee deep dive into everything Nicole has done to build the body she has now. And let us tell you, she's done a lot.

Before we get into it though, let's take a moment to remind ourselves that – as lovely as Nicole's body is – our bodies are beautiful too, and none of us need to change a single thing about what we see in the mirror, unless we want to. Trying to look like your favourite celebrity shouldn't be the end goal of your workouts either, as the benefits of exercise go way beyond appearance, and include increased energy levels and a lower risk of disease.

Nevertheless, it's still fun to nosey in on what celebrities do in their spare time, so without further ado, here's what we know about Nicole's fitness regime and diet...

What is Nicole Scherzinger's workout routine?

Steps, steps and, err, more steps

As well as having a stair machine in her own home (wouldn't that be a dream?), Nicole makes the effort to get her steps in by getting out in nature. "It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there. Never stop climbing," she said in a post alongside a series of photos from her hike up Hawaii's Koko Head Crater, which is made up of 1048 steps.


"I like to switch it up and try new things, but most recently, I’ve just been pretty consistent with more HIIT workouts," Nicole told Women's Health. "I feel like I get more results that way."

Serious circuit training

It's no secret that circuit workouts can be gruelling and many of us will avoid them at all costs. But for 45-year-old Scherzy, circuit training is a key element of her fitness regime, which you can find evidence of on her Instagram here, here, here and oh, here. Yep, that's a lot of circuits!

In one circuit, Nicole can be seen combining lunges and high kicks with overhead lifts, whilst in another she combines various weight lifting movements with resistance band challenges. We're getting sweaty just watching these.

Booty building resistance bands

As mentioned, Nicole is no stranger to resistance bands, which she uses to perfect that peach. In this video, Nicole wears a resistance band around her upper thighs and tells the camera she's built a "fat ass".

Remember though: It's not just about aesthetics, and having strong glutes can benefit your posture, help stave off knee and lower back injuries and aid with balance. BRB, off to buy some resistance bands and get a fat ass – and improved posture – of our own.


On the topic of Nicole's booty, another technique she uses to tone her bum is twerking workouts or, as she's branded them: twerkouts. Catchy.

"It’s that twerkout Tuesday y’all!" she captioned a video on Instagram. "Get up and move your ass! No matter what is!! Seriously tho this workout is no joke!"

During her twerkout, Nicole moves her lower body in all manner of ways as she balances on a weighted ball with weighted bands on her wrists too. Where can we learn to twerk like this, pls and thnx?

What is Nicole Scherzinger's diet?

Intermittent fasting

Speaking to Women's Health in December 2022, Nicole revealed that she fasts in the evenings and overnight, so always ensures that her breakfast is the best of the best. "I love eggs and bread with a side of smoked salmon or some ham," she said.

Scherzy's snack attack

As well as giving Women's Health the low-down on her breakfast faves, the former Pussycat Dolls singer admitted she's a real snacker – with her go-tos being almonds and cherries.

"If I have some frozen fruit laying around, I’ll make an oat milk smoothie," she says. "Sometimes I’ll put turmeric powder in it, which is delicious and anti-inflammatory."

If she's in the mood for something savoury, Nicole opts for crisps, but not the "healthier" versions, she insists. "It's real Cheetos or the fire hot ones."

Kardashian-esque salad, anyone?

It's not just Kourtney, Kim and Khloé who are partial to a big bowl of green goodness. When on the move, Nicole also swears by the classic grab-and-go salads synonymous with the Kardashian siblings. In terms of its contents, Scherzy makes sure her salads have a good mix of protein and slow-release carbs (quinoa, chickpeas, legumes, etc.).

She also keeps it pretty simple when cooking at home, too, opting for veggies and grain with a meat or protein.

"It’s usually like chicken and rice, fish and rice, and then a side of vegetables," she says. Or, she'll go for some gluten-free pasta. (Which FYI, if you haven't tried, we highly recommend if you're susceptible to that uncomfortable pasta bloat.)

Treat days, cheat days

Perhaps the hardest element of any health and fitness regime is sticking to a diet, and many of us will have fallen prey in the past to crash diets that see us swearing off our favourite foods under the guise that we'll lose weight overnight. Spoiler: this never works.

Instead, opting for everything in moderation is a much more sustainable approach to dieting, a sentiment that Nicole agrees with, as seen in this post:

"Donuts today. Workout tomorrow. Life's about balance, baby!" she writes.

As for her favourite treat of all? "I love red velvet cake with cream cheese icing [or] carrot cake with cream cheese icing," she told Women's Health. "I love muffins and cakes."

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