Everything We Know About ‘The Morning Show’ Season 3 (Plus News on Season 4)

From casting news to possible storylines, fans have been patiently waiting for any (and we mean any) updates regarding The Morning Show season 3.

Last year, Apple TV+ announced that the drama series will return for a third season. Since then, we haven’t heard much about the new installment—luckily, that’s all about to change. When asked about spoilers on The Tonight Show, Jennifer Aniston said, “Everybody has a secret. We’re revealing a lot of secrets. There’s a lot of romance: Mr. Jon Hamm. We were very excited to get Mr. Hamm.”

Here’s everything we know about The Morning Show season 3 (so far).

1. When Will The Morning Show Season 3 Premiere?

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We know this question is on every fan’s mind. However, as of right now, we still don’t have an official release date for The Morning Show season 3. But, we do know that production on the new installment recently wrapped.

Aniston shared a slideshow of behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram to celebrate the milestone. The caption read, “That’s a wrap on Season 3. Love love LOVE this @themorningshow crew—so much more to come!”

2. What Will The Morning Show Season 3 Be About?

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While the plot for The Morning Show season three is being kept under wraps, that didn’t stop Aniston from thinking about a possible storyline. In an interview with Variety, the 53-year-old actress revealed that she would love for her character’s love life to be explored.

“I think it’s time to see Alex find some love and some passion,” she said. “She could put the controls down and go into the vulnerability of opening up her heart, which I don’t think she’s ever really quite done.”

The Friends star also shared that she would love for Alex to make more friends. “She needs a good girlfriend! Chip is Chip, but come on,” she jokingly admitted. “We need her to go out and have a girls’ night—and not well. Messy! I want to see her go to the supermarket and just walk around the world and get out of her ivory tower a little bit.”

3. Who Will Star In The Morning Show Season 3?

In the new season, we’ll most likely see the return of many familiar faces. Alongside Reese Witherspoon and Aniston, these main cast members will probably return: Billy Crudup (Cory Ellison), Julianna Margulies (Laura Peterson), Greta Lee (Stella Bak), Desean Terry (Daniel Henderson), Mark Duplass (Charlie Black, aka Chip), Nestor Carbonell (Yanko Flores), Karen Pittman (Mia Jordan) and Ruairi O'Connor (Ty Fitzgerald).

However, there will be a new character joining the morning crew. As Aniston mentioned, Apple TV+ has announced that Jon Hamm is set to star in the new installment of the series. The 51-year-old actor will play a character named Paul Marks. According to the streaming service, Paul is “a corporate titan who sets his sights on UBA, pulling Cory, Alex and Bradley into his powerful orbit.”

4. What Is The Morning Show About?

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The Morning Show follows news anchor Alex Levy (Aniston), who works on a popular a.m. news program broadcasting straight from Manhattan, New York. Alex fights to keep her job as a rivalry brews between her and a field reporter named Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon).

Season two ended with Alex catching COVID—and it’s a major breaking point, which culminates in her producer convincing Alex to live stream it all on UBA+. “It’s a portrayal of what happens to a person being that broken down and that kind of surrendered because your body is so sick, where there’s no filter and there’s just the truth,” Aniston told The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s spent the whole season trying to plug up all the holes in the canoe so she could not be found out, this desperation. But now she’s saying, unapologetically: This is who I am, this is what I am.”

5. Is There a Trailer?

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At the moment, there is no trailer for The Morning Show season three. But don’t worry, we’re constantly checking the show’s social media accounts for any updates.

6. Are There On-Set Photos?

James Devaney/GC Images

In September 2022, Aniston and Hamm were spotted on the set of The Morning Show season 3. The mysterious photos didn’t give too much away, but they did show the pair riding in a car together. Perhaps Aniston’s love interest wish will come true.

7. Are There Behind-the-Scenes Photos?

Witherspoon offered a rare glimpse of what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling. The pics posted to Instagram show the actress making a silly face while sitting backwards in a director’s chair, posing in Aniston’s character’s dressing room and more.

8. Is There Any News on Season 4?

Yes. In April, Variety reported that The Morning Show secured early renewal. With season three premiering in fall 2023, we can only speculate that season four will follow suit in 2024.

Until then, we’ll be stashing away our favorite coffee to drink with the season premiere.

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