Everything You Need to Know About the Angel Number 1155

angel number 1155
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Do you ever find yourself thinking about how many times a day you see numbers? Like on your phone when making a call, or on a jog when your Apple watch reads 11:11. On license plates when you’re stuck in traffic, or on your receipt when you’re looking in shock at how you racked up a high bill with two cocktails and an appetizer. But if the total is $88.88 it has to mean those drinks and that hang with your friend was supposed to be, right?!

Seeing an angel number is a small glimmer of hope that things are working out in the midst of the chaos. If the number that seems to be following you around is 1155, here's what it could mean.

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What’s an angel number?

Numbers are imprinted into the fabric of our whole universe. Ever since the times of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, they've been used to create and understand our world and its existence. So when you see the number 222 four days in a row, the universe is giving you a mystery to decode. When you find yourself catching your grandmother's birthday, she might just be trying to let you know that she’s guiding you.

Being aware of angel numbers means you're tapping into a certain frequency and receiving a message from your angels. The more curious and conscious you become, the more you’ll start to see!

What does angel number 1155 mean?

When you see the number 1155, it is a sign to embrace new opportunities and step outside of your comfort zone. It’s a reminder to expect the unexpected and to let things unfold in front of you for your highest good. If you break the angel number down, it contains 11, which represents spiritual alignment, and 55, which is an agent of change. Put these two together and you have change that comes with divine timing and alignment.

When you combine 1+1+5+5 you get 3, which is a number of creativity. Creative expression is something that in the midst of change can help you form a new pathway forward, to co-create with the universe in what is unfolding around you.

What does angel number 1155 mean for love?

If you're single, this angel number is asking you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences. You can't find love sitting on your couch behind a closed door; you have to open up to the unknown, put yourself out there, and trust the universe to lead you to love with an open heart. 1155 is a reminder that many wonderful things can happen in love if you step outside of your comfort zone!

If you're in a relationship, 1155 could mean that you’re in a time of spiritual growth and change. This number is asking you to try new things with your partner and be open to shifts outside of what you’re used to. Whether single or coupled, 1155 is a sign that it’s time to open your heart to growth and change.

What does angel number 1155 mean for a twin flame?

Twin flames are an intense spiritual connection that share the same soul. They provide a mirrored life experience with rapid spiritual growth. When you see the angel number 1155, it could mean that you are close to encountering your twin flame if you have yet to meet them in this life. If you already have met your twin flame, it could mean that you are at the precipice of a shift in your shared dynamic and a rapid time of spiritual growth within the relationship.

Twin flame relationships usually have a runner and a chaser, one who is going towards their person and one who is running away. The appearance of 1155 could indicate that the runner and chaser are about to shift roles within the dynamic, because with twin flames, the tides are always turning.

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What does angel number 1155 mean for my career?

When the angel number 1155 appears in relationship to your career, it is a sign that change is afoot. It’s likely a change that will be uncomfortable and maybe catch you off guard. But because it’s for your highest good and meant to facilitate spiritual growth, it’s here to inspire you to take charge of your career. It’s a reminder to put yourself out there, be confident, and ask for what you want and deserve.

1155 will inevitably bring breakthroughs and change to your career and although it may be uncomfortable, it is nothing that you aren’t equipped to handle or prepared to learn from. Embrace the unknown and the learning curve that it brings, and you will soon become an expert.

What should I do if I keep seeing angel number 1155?

If you keep seeing the angel number 1155, it is a sign that you are leaning into curiosity and listening to your spiritual guidance! That within itself is an indicator that you are ready for change. Once you are ready, allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and trust the universe to continue guiding you towards expansion and the unknown. 1155 is a reminder that a fresh start is always just a step away and you can begin anew whenever you choose.

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