Everyone's amazed by how fast these Chinese models can pose

No, the video hasn’t been sped up [Photo: Facebook/Shanghai Expat]
No, the video hasn’t been sped up [Photo: Facebook/Shanghai Expat]

Some of us are blessed with better posing skills than others.

And everyone has that friend who comes out looking blue-steel in every photo while you look more similar to some mashed potato that got left out of the fridge for too long.

But even compared to that friend, these models for Chinese online shopping site Taobao are in another league.

The models strike a super-human 30 poses each minute as the photographer snaps away.

Videos of their work have been surfacing all over the internet, with some gathering up millions of views.

And you can see why.

The work sounds pretty back-breaking. One college student in Chengdu and Taobao girl told China Daily that she has to wear 150 garments daily and make more than 700 poses, leaving ten minutes for one meal a day and just one minute to change clothes each time.

Though at least, according to one Taobao shop owner Li Hang, it pays pretty well as he told the media site that some particularly popular models can earn 10,000 yuan (£1130) in a day.

Which is certainly well deserved.

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