Everyone is making ‘struggle meals’ because food is SO expensive

struggle meals tiktok
@dollartreedinners/ TikTok

Inflation is no joke. For a lot of people, it hits hardest when you’re grocery shopping and that’s because food is SO expensive right now. If you’re struggling, you’re not alone!

Thanks to TikTok, people are creating and sharing their family’s struggle meals. So, the next time you’re wondering what to make on a budget don’t despair because the internet has got you covered with all kinds of ideas.

Struggle meals are meals on a budget. Seeing grocery store prices is enough to make anyone turn right back around and run away. Since so many people are struggling to make ends meet, especially during the holiday season when budgets are tight, this TikTok trend can really save the day.

This video takes simple ingredients from Dollar Tree and comes up with three separate meals—all for $5! All you need is a bag of rice, a can of soup, a can of tamales and a frozen egg roll. This grocery haul is for a single person but even if you’re a family of four, you can multiply the total and still get multiple meals for under $30. What an epic steal.

Need more inspiration? Search the hashtag, “struggle meals” on TikTok and you’ll find a long list of meal ideas for any and every size family at different price points. Be prepared to feel hungry because some of these meals look really good—like this one for taco rice!

The wholesome part about it all is that the stories behind a lot of these meals goes back to something so relatable. Besides mentions of childhood memories when money was tight and their parents came up with creative ways to make new meals, people are also expressing gratitude for sharing cheap recipes during hard economic times.

“You have no idea how much this can help people. Thank you for sharing. Please keep sharing recipe ideas.”

“Thank you. 2 weeks of only having enough money for bills and not food. This will help”

Budgeting for your family’s personal finances shouldn’t be this hard but the reality is that a lot of families are struggling. We love a good budget hack and if you find your family’s new favorite meal this way then, this can truly be the gift that keeps on giving.