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‘Have you ever seen how cinnamon is harvested?’: TikTok is shocked to learn where cinnamon actually comes from

One man stunned TikTokers with a video showing where cinnamon comes from that blew everyone’s minds.

Gray Davis (@gray.davis) shared the video and revealed that the much-loved spice comes from the dried-out inner bark of a cinnamon tree.

“This tree is actually where cinnamon comes from, so today we’re gonna harvest some,” Davis says at the start of the clip before using a special tool to cut down a branch.

Once it’s loose, Davis removes all of the leaves and says the next step is peeling off the bark’s outer layer.

“I wish I could let you guys smell this through the phone,” he says before removing the bark. “It smells amazing.”

Then, using what appears to be a standard vegetable peeler, Davis removes the outer layer, much like you would take the skin off a carrot or potato.

“Now, you don’t want to go too deep,” he warns, “otherwise you’re going to start cutting into your cinnamon, so just the very top layer.”

Next, Davis uses a box cutter and butter knife to cut into the branch and peel off the thin dark layer below that holds “the cinnamon we all know and love.”

After the thin ring’s removal, it dries over time and curls up to form cinnamon sticks. we see before being ground into powder form.

Davis’ video has more than 11.8 million views and left many in awe.

“When you realize cinnamon is just wood dust,” one person commented.

“I was today years old when I found out cinnamon was sawdust,” said another.

“How did anyone ever discover this,” someone else wondered.

A few people admitted that before this, they had never thought about where cinnamon originated. Others said they weren’t sure whether or not to believe Davis when they first started watching.

“I honestly thought u were joking,” one person wrote.

“I spent the entire video wondering if I’m being punkd or not,” another admitted.

But as wild as the whole thing sounds, it is in fact true.

According to Smithsonian magazine, Indonesia is where most of the world’s cinnamon comes from. However, a good portion of it also comes from China, Vietnam and Burma — and yes, all of it comes from the bark of cinnamon trees (otherwise known as Cinnamomum verum trees).

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