Evangeline Lilly calls on Justin Trudeau to meet with vaccine mandate protesters

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Evangeline Lilly has called upon Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet with those protesting his vaccine mandates.

The Ant-Man actress, who is opposed to the Covid-19 vaccine, addressed the politician in a video message in which she urged him to meet with those involved in the escalating demonstrations in Canada.

The protests began in Ottawa in late January with truckers taking a stand against the rule that they must be vaccinated to travel from America to Canada. The truckers were then joined by other vaccine mandate protesters and the demonstrations spread to other cities, with Trudeau declaring a national public order emergency last week.

In the video, posted to the Bridge City News Instagram account, Lilly said, "I want to speak to you today about your current approach to and current treatment of our fellow Canadians who are protesting your federal vaccine mandates. They have asked to meet with you, Prime Minister... medical experts, top scientists, doctors, nurses, parents, grandparents, intelligent, loving, concerned citizens. Why won't you sit with them?

"If you're so convinced of your own reasons for the mandates, sit down and walk the leaders of a group of 2.3 million protesters across the country who represent many millions more across the nation, and explain it to them and ask them to listen with open hearts and minds, and then reciprocate. Listen to what they have to say with a mind open to hearing things that might go against the ideas you are entrenched in."

The 42-year-old argued Trudeau had an obligation to "unify people" and not "vilify those" with an opposing view, adding, "What we need right now from our leadership is unification, and that requires being willing to see, recognise and hear from the people sitting out in the cold at your door."

The Canadian actress hit headlines in late January when she revealed she had attended an anti-vaccine mandate protest "to support bodily sovereignty" in Washington, D.C.