Evan Rachel Wood schools Paris Hilton for calling Millie Bobby Brown 'hot'

Evan Rachel Wood shut down Paris Hilton's comment. [Photo: Getty]
Evan Rachel Wood shut down Paris Hilton's comment. [Photo: Getty]

Paris Hilton’s well-known catchphrase, “that’s hot” might’ve been all the rage in 2001, but as far as Evan Rachel Wood is concerned, it’s not very 2019.

Stranger Things actor, Millie Bobbie Brown, posted a picture of herself on Instagram in a leopard print silk summer dress with the caption “same dress but v different day”.

So far, so ordinary.

Paris Hilton decided the dress was worthy of a revival of the catchphrase and commented “that’s hot” under Millie Bobby Brown’s post.

This prompted Evan Rachel Wood to remind Paris Hilton that Millie Bobby Brown is just 15-years-old.

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Fans chalked Paris Hilton’s comment up as an innocent use of her catchphrase - she calls inanimate objects “hot” a lot, after all.

One user wrote about Evan Rachel Wood: “Someone didn’t watch The Simple Life.”

“That’s literally Paris’ patented term.” Another said.

There was a smattering of support for Evan Rachel Wood’s comment, too. One person wrote: “Thank goodness somebody has said this.”

“She’s only 15. Are you crazy?” Another user aimed their response at Paris.

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This isn’t the first time Millie Bobby Brown has been embroiled in drama regarding her age. Just recently, she was named the face of a vegan beauty brand. Critics were surprised she would have a skincare routine at such a young age.

She posted said routine on Instagram but attracted a lot of negative attention after it turned out she wasn’t actually applying the products to her skin but instead pretending she was in a video that went viral.

Paris Hilton hasn’t responded to Evan Rachel Wood’s criticism, but the comment has attracted over 1,000 responses.

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