Eva Mendes undergoes a hair transformation, dying her locks a fiery red colour

eva mendes red hair transformation
Eva Mendes has dyed her hair fiery redGetty Images

Eva Mendes is entering 2023 with a whole new vibe: red hair! The actor showed off her freshly dyed locks on Instagram while wishing her followers happy holidays, and she truly looks amazing.

The caption of her post reads: "Whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate, if you’re with friends and family or flying solo, I’m sending you loads of love during this time," Eva wrote in her post.

"I know how hard it can be for some. Don’t let Instagram trick you -we’re all dealing with our own sh*t. Some more extreme, of course, but we’re all in this madness together. ♥️ For me personally, I don’t care much for acting 'merry' or 'happy ' -as long as I stay grateful I’ll let myself feel all the feels that come up. I won’t torture others with them but I won’t hide them either. ♥️"

She then casually added, "Oh , I went red. Gracias to @richi_grisillo for this. Lo adoro. Loads of love,♥️."

Following up on her initial post, Eva then shared another snap just a few days later, simply writing "Mira esto! I went red". Again, very caszh!

The genius behind the job was professional hair colourist, Richi Grisillo, who has previously worked on styling Eva's signature brunette tresses. Below is a throwback post from November last year where, in comparison to today's look, you can see how much her colour has changed.

Obsessed with both the before and after!

Now, off to wander the aisles of Boots in an attempt to find some hair dye that I'll inevitably regret using tomorrow.

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